Just before Christmas I was given two of your books (Garden Workbook II and Garden Workbook, Second Edition) by a friend. She knew I was planning to purchase some land up north soon and that I wanted to plant trees and so forth (my small contribution) to restore some balance back to nature, but that I was not sure yet as to how I was going to go about this task. I had mentioned to her that I knew intuitively this process had to be different from how I was gardening now, that I would be needing extra guidance one way or another. I read about Perelandra over Christmas break, and it blew me away — it was exactly what I have been waiting for. (In particular I am really enjoying Machaelle's particular style of writing, her turn of phrase, her sense of humor and her down-to-earth aproach to life.)

While I was reading one of the books, one chapter in particular reduced to me to tears. I had to put the book down and just sit with the feelings. I was reading the chapter on "furred feathered and winged garden companions." I was so overwhelmed as I read this as I have always had animals, birds, frogs, butterflies, spiders and their cob-webs in my life and have always included them as part of my life. To me they give balance; when they are around and thriving, it is an indicator to me that I am doing things right and in balance with nature. (We talk to one another.) So reading that chapter this morning was reaffirming and uplifting. I am really looking forward to incorporating this next level of "communication" with nature so we can co-create on my land up north.

— L.W., Auckland, New Zealand