Microbial Balancing Program
by Doris Stenger

Microbial Balancing Program — are you afraid of doing it? Well, I was. And it took me years to decide to learn it. It was by reading over all the articles in Voices and learning about people's successes that I decided to do it. I wish I had started earlier!

I ordered the Microbial Balancing Program Manual and the products — needless to say, just looking at that fat book and all those bottles made me tremble. But since I got it, I felt I had to use it!

So I started reading up to chapter 10. I only wanted to try it on myself. After reading it a few times, taking notes, and so forth, I did a Phase 1. After that, I got the courage to do the "real thing."

When I opened my MBP coning, I was nervous. After checking flower essences I said to my team, "I want to do this, I know I need it, but I AM TERRIFIED! Will you please help me and be patient with me?

I felt their approval and tested, "Yes." I did my first process but forgot to do the Genetic Balancing Process. I only did the balancers and stabilizers. Next morning, during my MAP session, it dawned on me that I made a mistake. So I opened my MBP coning, explained and apologized and started again. After that, I felt it get easier.

Well, I have finished my first physical issue around "pain in my neck" (no pun intended). After a trip of twenty-five hours on an airplane and bus, I got this awful pain that lasted two solid years. I went to see two chiropractors in Argentina since we don’t have any where I live. I saw regular doctors, got massage, did yoga — and everything helped for a while. However, the pain always returned. I know people who feel the products for MBP are expensive, but I spent more on one trip to the practitioner's. MBP products are not an expense, THEY ARE AN INVESTMENT! And it is such a small investment compared to what we get from them!

After my fourth recheck, I did not have any more pain. I had several more rechecks and three weeks ago I finished. I have had no pain or discomfort since. When the team said, "No more rechecks needed," I knew I was healed. Tears of happiness rolled down my face, and I don’t cry often — let alone with such joy!

My gratefulness is beyond words.