Processes & Nature
We Have No Idea What to Title This
and It's Driving Us Nuts

In thinking about the myriad of personal experiences I have had with Perelandra processes, flower essences, Nature Program Essences and MAP over the past sixteen months, there are many successes I could share. My personal health has been dramatically affected by MAP and essences. The results of using these tools for everything from everyday bumps, bruises, burns and cuts to deeply ingrained patterns of thinking and behavior and long-term illness continue to amaze me. Almost daily I emit phrases like, "WOW! This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" But what I find that I want most to share is my personal understanding of the foundation upon which these things stand; partnership with nature.

In recent months, I have found that the term "co-creative" seems to have become one of those philosophically and spiritually correct buzzwords. "Co-creative" is turning up in new age magazine articles, descriptions of self-named "healers" and their work, health product catalogs, and in conversations with those who espouse the philosophy of the "new age." I find this disheartening, as I understand co-creativity to be much more than an adjective to describe a spiritual approach. Co-creative is a term which describes action. Co-creative partnership involves ongoing action. It is the responsibility of the person initiating the partnership to participate fully in the action.

All of the health-giving tools that are offered by Machaelle and Perelandra are a result of many years of hard work, including physical labor, mental and emotional change and process, continuous research, experimentation and evaluation. All of this is done in true co-creative partnership with nature. (Machaelle describes the commitment she made to work in partnership with nature in Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered.) Anyone who has made a commitment to any partnership, be it with their job, another person, family, or a belief system, understands that more is involved than just intending to be a loving and caring partner. A partnership does not last simply because we feel love and respect and care. A partnership is only lasting, productive and life enhancing if we work at it, not just in our thoughts, but through our actions. The relationship grows and expands in direct correlation to our willingness to act. The quality of things that result from a partnership demonstrate the quality of the commitment and work that have gone into developing the relationship. Working in co-creative partnership with nature is no easy task. It requires a great deal of flexibility, willingness to learn from mistakes and to change, risk-taking (mostly just the repeated risk of having your ego shot to hell), trust, honesty, commitment and really getting your hands dirty in the hard work of learning to live and act in a balanced way. There are no shortcuts. The Perelandra Garden Workbook gave me the foundation for understanding and the tools for developing my working partnership with nature. Just reading the book took commitment on my part. It's not something I'd consider light reading. It requires a lot of thinking and re-reading and doing and re-reading and doing...

I have applied the principles and processes taught in the Workbook to many aspects of my life. Learning to see all of the places I interact with nature as "gardens" has required me to change the way I see life. That didn't happen overnight and it has not finished happening. This is an ongoing process of learning. When I first stated my intent to work in partnership with nature, I did not realize the extent of the responsibility I was accepting. In order to effect and participate in change on this planet, I must first understand my role as a human being and nature's role, then learn to act responsibly in light of that understanding.

I have worked with nature in my job; arranging my office, organizing my schedule, prioritizing tasks, planning meetings, problem-solving, writing letters. And in my personal life; finding a new home, defending myself in traffic court, planting a garden, taking care of houseplants, arranging furniture, getting a bank loan, supporting a friend in divorce court, starting a fire in the woodstove. I work with nature to remove emotional garbage I have dumped and clear my home and work environment in a responsible manner. Through MAP and calibrations, I have worked with nature to understand my role in relationships with others and change my perceptions and actions to operate more in balance and more honestly in my interactions with others. And through MAP and essences, I have worked with nature to be responsible for my health and the health of my pets. In many of the situations where I have worked with nature, I have made mistakes or omissions somewhere in the process. Every time, those mistakes gave me a better understanding and the ability to be more effective in the next situation (and I learned to live with a little personal embarrassment and be able to repeatedly laugh at myself for my goofiness). I always learn something very useful that can be directly applied in my life. In each situation, I experienced success. I was able to accomplish positive results more quickly, directly and obviously than I could ever have accomplished on my own. No amount of positive thinking, praying, hoping, visualizing, or wishing has ever given me the results I have experienced just by acting in partnership with nature.

In my honest attempts to integrate co-creative principles, as often as I can muster the willingness to do the work involved, after 16 months I know two things are certain; 1) I have only scratched the surface of understanding what it means to work in partnership with nature, and 2) I wouldn't ever want to have to try to work without nature as my partner on this planet. I know of no other way to live and work with love—love in action.

J.M., Virginia