I wanted to share something amazing that happened during and after a recent MAP session. I was mowing the lawn and a piece of sand flew into my right eye. It hit my eye quite hard. I had to stop mowing and hold my eye. My vision was a bit blurry and it continued to burn and hurt the rest of the day, but I took Arnica and it was a little better. The next morning it was worse. It felt like the sand had actually penetrated the eye a little. I decided to do a MAP session. I tested for the essences and did a one and a half hour session* on my eye. It felt much better, but still scratchy and like the sand was inside the eye. I asked my MAP team to help my body expel the sand.

An hour later I was on the phone talking to a friend and suddenly I felt the sand coming out of my eyeball. I could feel it being expelled from beneath the membrane. I ended the conversation and got a tissue. My eye watered profusely at this point.

After that, the next day my eye was totally healed. No blurry vision, no burning, or anything!

I had always known my MAP team was working on my body during the sessions, but this was the most dramatic experience I have ever had because it was a real piece of sand! I experienced a real "physical" change.

Thank you, Machaelle Small Wright!

— N.S., Washington, MA

*Editors Note: Regular MAP sessions are always 40 minutes. However, with some injuries, in emergencies or during difficult sessions, it is possible you may test for a longer session.