Processes & Nature
Not Just A Job

KC Dickman


KC Dickman is a former employee of Perelandra. She worked with us for sixteen months and left to pursue a family business in September of 1993.


I think each one of us arriving at Perelandra to work expects to experience change and growth. But what we don't understand or expect is just how that change occurs and what it is. As grounded as any of us are, it seems we all have just a smidge of "airy fairy" when we arrive here, meaning that we might not pay enough attention to the every day happenings of life.

Perelandra has changed me profoundly and taught me things about myself too numerous and some too personal to list. Nature has been and still is wondrous and exciting to work with. I am continually amazed at the new doors and ideas that are opened by nature that I would never have considered. I have learned (though continue to forget) that nature works with us in the physical. It so often seems to be the only way we can understand nature or "get the message." And more often that not, this physical communication can seem rather mundane to us. "This isn't nature working. It's just a problem with... How can I solve this?" Time and again we will be hit with "problems"until we have truly worked co-creatively with nature to move forward with our intent.

Nature is always present and working, but only we can choose to listen and open doors. In retrospect, I see so many changes in myself that have occurred through different events and situations here at Perelandra. And I have moved through them and grown by consciously working with nature. It seems, by choosing to work here, we are making the conscious choice to learn to work with nature, and though the doors are always opened and we can be "nudged" hard, it is still up to each of us to move.