Microbial Balancing Program
by Carol Hillegas

Last year, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Sjogren's Syndrome. It mimics Chronic Fatigue, but there are differences. I have experienced the fatigue, hormonal imbalances, drying of eyes and mouth, but my greatest difficulty is with the digestive system and multiple food sensitivities. The diagnosis was a huge relief, but from the outset I resisted buying into the label.

Having worked extensively with MAP and flower essences over the years, I preferred to think my body was simply out of balance. With this diagnosis, I was convinced I could restore significant balance and greatly improve the quality of my life. I asked my MAP team and they agreed. In particular I felt the Microbial Balancing Program would be a great addition to my physical-level health care. I sought and found a chiropractor and a medical doctor (an immunologist) whose philosophies and approach matched mine (restoring health with nutrition and other natural means). In April when I was experiencing digestive difficulties, I felt the time had come to approach the Microbial Balancing Program. I opened an Organizing Process coning and stated my purpose: to restore optimal health, balance and well being. The Subject: Sjogren's Syndrome (autoimmune condition). For the issue, I listed mouth sores, stomach tenderness, intestinal irritation and irregularity, and poor energy. Step 1 called for a MAP/Calibration Process. Step 2, an herb. Step 3 called for the Microbial Balancing Program. With this Microbial Balancing Chart, I began what became an indepth four-month process of charts, which I am sure have addressed nearly every cell in my body!

Rather than go into the details I'll summarize and highlight what was significant for me. After doing the Balancing and Stabilizing Process in the first chart, I felt a shift, a harmonizing internally. A week later, in the second chart, spontaneous tears surfaced when I did the Energy Cleansing for the Geopathic Zone Balancing Process. I sensed a pattern lifting. During the Battle Energy Release Process for the geopathic zones, I felt an immediate settling in my stomach and a calmness washing over me. I was encouraged, so I continued to address symptoms and work with the MBP charts.

After four weeks with the digestive system, I focused specifically on the insomnia issue and fluctuating energy. Improvements were subtle and positive. My sleeping improved, my energy began to stabilize, and I found myself more hopeful than I had been in nearly a year. I was nourishing my microbial garden! Before closing the coning at the end of each chart, I asked my team if there was anything else they wanted me to know. And I would hear "Try taking a warm bath before bedtime. Be aware of your tendency to overdo and lighten up your schedule." (Do they have my number!) After a particularly long session I heard, "Bravo, good work, well done." I had my own cheering squad and it really helped!

In May, I sensed I was in a longer, larger process. I asked my team if they could approximate how long before I would be finished. They said "12 to 14 weeks." I was shocked but not totally surprised. At least I knew what I was in for. After all I was working to mitigate and balance an autoimmune condition. I sensed the effort would be worth it. It was as if I was peeling the onion in a deeper way. As symptoms and issues surfaced, my team moved me into different systems in my body. We started with the digestive system, followed by the endocrine system, the central nervous system and the electrical system, all related to the autoimmune condition. It was as if my team was unraveling the old me systemically — and systematically reweaving me in new ways with my microbes coming into a new balance. With my purpose set, my team was directing, and I showed up with my current symptoms. Together we worked the charts.

When I did the Energy Cleansing for the bacteria in the electrical system, I heard "take it slow." The sheet moved very slowly for nearly eight minutes before it was ready to bundle. I sensed a thorough and deep cleansing, unlike anything I had felt before. It was as if my chakras were being roto-rootered. I guess they were. My energy increased and stabilized. I slept more soundly and for longer periods than I had in two years. Then we came back to the digestive system, and I did some refining and cleaning up. On August 27th, the week of my 60th birthday, my team declared me finished for now. What a magnificent birthday gift!

How do I feel? Unbelievably well. My energy is strong throughout the day. I am taking an aerobic exercise class twice a week. I am playing golf with my husband. I can easily manage my daily activities and seldom have a sinking spell. My stomach and other digestive organs are no longer sore. My enthusiasm for life has returned. In short, I have restored optimal health, balance and well being. I still have several food sensitivities, wheat, dairy, soy and a few others. I can live with that. I follow the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet. I pace myself. It all helps. I have a much greater appreciation for the magnificence and intricacies of my body. And finally, I have extraordinary gratitude for Machaelle, Perelandra and my MAP team and the MBP team. I truly am blessed in this life.