November 25, 2019
Update: January 2020

Multiplying the Power of the Individual

How about allowing nature — the intelligence inherent in that nature — to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions and live in new ways that have a strong, positive impact on our lives and our health, as well as the planet? ~ Machaelle Wright, Celebrating the Power of the Individual


Be ready, even when away from home.

Global Monthly
EoP Biodiversity Process
The 1st of every month.

For the highest level of effectiveness, we need the greatest number of people to participate on the first day of every month. Let's work together to counter the damaging momentum of plant and wildlife extinction, and support nature's strength and stability using EoP.

Essence of Perelandra (EoP) strengthens and stabilizes an environment by providing the singular and powerful balance of the Perelandra garden. With EoP, we can extend that balance beyond the Perelandra biosphere to our own homes and environment. It's no small thing.

Will you be away from home? Take your supplies with you.

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Even if you can't be there, you can still do the EoP Biodiversity Process for your land and home.

Take your EoP and the drawing/diagram or plat of your land with you. Use the drawing to focus on your home property when doing the Biodiversity Process. You must maintain a strong focus when you are away, and have a clear definition of your home and land.

Save, bookmark or flag the Biodiversity Process instructions on whatever electronic device you're taking with you. Or go "old school" — print out this Biodiversity Process Quick-Reference card and pack it along with your EoP and drawing/plat.

A Note for Inclement Weather, Smoky Air and Harsh Outdoor Conditions
You are not required to sit outside to do this process. You can sit comfortably inside at your kitchen table or desk, etc. Just focus clearly on your land and home.

Learn More About the EoP Biodiversity Process

Biodiversity Process Quick-Reference Card

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