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October 29, 2019

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Toxic Sludge
a.k.a 'Biosolids'

Sewage sludge is way spookier
than ghosts or goblins!

A Series on the Environment from the Question Line Duo

With Halloween around the corner, we decided to share one of the things that we find most frightening: sewage sludge spread across farmland, forests, parks, fields and playgrounds.

Almost twenty years ago, Machaelle sounded the alarm to all of our Perelandra customers about "biosolids." After extensive research, she put the pieces together for all of us in a detailed Health Watch article.

sludge truck

When Machaelle published The Perelandra Garden Workbook in 2012, she included an important update and reminder — do not use sewage sludge in your garden or on your land. It summarizes her original article and is a short, easy read you can share with neighbors, farmers and friends. Read the excerpt free online here:

What Never to Include on
Your Fertilizer Options List:
Land Applied Sewage
Sludge a.k.a. "Biosolids"


This recent article from The Guardian shows that what was shocking and disappointing all those years ago, has not improved:

Biosolids: Mix human waste with toxic chemicals, then spread on crops.

So what can we do about it? The first step, of course, is to say no to sludge. Get educated, know what to watch out for, and then share that information with your friends and neighbors.

If someone in your area sends out a notice about a scheduled biosolids application, or if they put up a sign on their property saying they've applied biosolids, share the Workbook excerpt about sludge with them. It's only four pages long, and it can do the talking for you!

Elect officials who make responsible choices for our health and environment. Find out who and what will be up for a vote in your district next Tuesday, November 5th: Ballotpedia Elections 2019.

toxic sludge

What Never to Include on Your Fertilizer Options List: Land Applied Sewage Sludge a.k.a. "Biosolids"
Health Watch: Sewage Sludge / 'Biosolids' – A Health and Environmental Crisis and Scandal


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"At the end, we want to be able to say to ourselves and our children: We were on the right side of history. We took responsibility for changing our patterns and rhythms which resulted in a life that added balance to the larger picture rather than perpetuating the problem." Be A Change Maker with Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden

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