Processes & Nature
Co-Creative Processes at the Oklahoma Bomb Site

In June of this year, we received a letter from M.W. who lives 16 miles north of the site of the April 19 Oklahoma City bombing. She works seven blocks west on the same street as the Murrah Building. She told us in her letter, "I spent days at the bomb site and was allowed to walk behind the Murrah Building on 4th Street long before the reporters were. I think I am still "suffering" for want of a better word . . .

She mentioned in her letter that she "did some work with nature at the site" and used energy techniques together with a MAP coning to assist those who had died in the explosion. After the bombing, we received letters from many people asking about using Perelandra energy processes to "clear" the site. For most people it was probably not appropriate, as they did not have direct connections with the building or the people involved. Because M.W. was directly connected, we answered her letter by suggesting she first check with nature to be sure it was appropriate to use the energy processes at the bomb site. If it was, she could use the Troubleshooting Process Chart from Perelandra Garden Workbook II to do the needed work. She wrote again in August:


I am writing to report on my time with nature at the bombing site. I began on Thursday, August 24. The fence juts inward at several places so I was able to sit on the sidewalk (very hot!). I opened the coning and asked questions. As you suggested, I asked nature if it was appropriate to cleanse the area. "Yes." Should I do so? "Yes" (very strong and enthusiastic). Then I did the first Energy Cleansing. I went through everything in Workbook II, including the Atmospheric Balancing. (They wanted it 1,000 feet above the top of the building — some people saw a mushroom shaped cloud when the explosion occurred.) I was told to cleanse from the street where I sat (4th) to 6th Street to the north; one block west and two blocks east. The only process I was told not to do was the geopathic zones.

I didn't think to take a notebook, so I didn't write anything down. I was sweating so much that the salt burned my eyes. I do remember that the only type of essences that tested positive were from the Rose, Garden and Rose II, and that Cucumber and Yellow Yarrow came up more than once. I was given a piece of the east wall by an Oklahoma City Police K-9 Officer. He and his dog Gunny found over 25 of the bodies, including the last three babies and the last three adults. I was told to use this little piece of pink granite during all the processes and to put the essences and soil balancers on it. I held it in my hand.

I began to feel such aching in my chest like a broken heart during the Battle Energy Release. That is how I felt for weeks after the bombing, but this was so much stronger that I could hardly bear it. As I stated in my first letter, I am an authorized instructor of The Radiance Technique. I asked if I could use some of the symbolic language. "Yes, to protect you." The change after the Battle Energy Release was the most dramatic from my point of view. In fact, we have had an unusual amount of haze over the city. After the release the sky seemed to clear. A friend was visiting me from Maryland. She uses the Perelandra Garden Workbook also. The sun was too hot for her, so she was across the street in the shade. She too could feel the vast difference.

I also asked if a follow-up was needed. "No." It was the only "no" answer I received other than during the testing for essences.

I drive past on my way to and from work. I do feel more at peace there now.

M.W., Oklahoma