POSTED: September 13, 2017
UPDATED: April 2021

One Bite at a Time
A Heads Up About the Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution
by The QL Duo

The Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution are completely different from any of the other Perelandra Solutions. That means your body may respond a little differently than it has to other Perelandra Solutions you've taken. These new Solutions are not just covering seasonal issues and there may be an initial adjustment.

How each person will respond when taking the Virus and Bacteria Solutions will vary. Many of you will experience a mild response and some, no response. The Solutions are working in both cases. What you experience will be according to your own "inner microbial housing."

A few of us on staff experienced an initial "flare up" of old stuff, some just felt a little tired and others moved differently through an issue that was already present when starting the Solutions. Some of us had a faster, smoother recovery from problems that were in progress. And one of us experienced a significant reduction in the usual problems caused by a necessary medication. Customer feedback so far has been very similar to what we experienced. All who have responded, expressed that their experience clearly indicated to them a change was occurring as a result of taking the new Solutions.

Depending on a person's health and their microbial situation, the initial response may last from one to nine days, give or take. The length of time depends on what and how much is being stirred up, reorganized, ousted, etc. Just continue as you are, taking the two Solutions daily. Your body's response is an indication something is happening, "the pot is being stirred." Don't back away.

We encourage you to keep up with your daily doses. It's best not to stop taking the Solutions once you've started. If you do stop midstream, then later start up again, you'll find yourself going through the same response and it may be more pronounced having stirred things up previously.

If you become uncomfortable with your body's response while taking the Solutions twice daily, reduce to a once-daily dose of both Solutions. This will extend your adjustment period, but will be gentler.

If you haven't yet started taking your Virus and Bacteria Solutions: You might wish to wait for a quiet weekend when you don't have much planned and you can just sit back and enjoy the rearrangement of your microbial furniture. (How's that for a metaphor?!)

If you don't have a specific issue you need to address at this time: Just start with a once daily dose of each Solution.

If you have already started taking your Solutions, don't stop. Remember: If you're experiencing "adjustments" and they're uncomfortable for you, your way to control this is to reduce to once daily doses.

A note for those who have incorporated remarkably unhealthy habits into your lifestyle: Taking these Solutions may put you on notice about the effects of those habits on your body.

Important Dosage Notes & Reminders

Take the Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution at a separate time than any of your other Perelandra Solutions or Essences (except when they're part of a PIC Unit). Do not take these new Solutions along with your nightly MBP Solution doses.

  • Don't eat or drink anything 10 minutes before, or 10 minutes after.

  • If you're taking both of them, you can take them at the same time, just wait about 10 seconds between each dose. Don't mix them together.

  • When you're on the once-a-day track, you can take your dose(s) any time of day.

  • If you're taking your dose(s) twice daily, you'll take your first dose in the morning and the second dose in the evening.

If this is the first you're reading about these two Solutions and it's piqued your interest, you can learn more here.

If you still have Bacteria Solution or Virus Solution with labels showing the dates "September 2017 - August 2018" — you can use them. Learn more here.