POSTED: May 19, 2016
Just One Bite at a Time
About PIC and the MBP Balancing Solutions

by The Mighty QL Duo

One of the questions we have been asked a lot since the introduction of PIC: Do I still need to take my MBP Solutions?

The answer: MBP Balancing Solutions are still highly effective when used on their own for maintaining strength and balance of the body systems.

For example:
If you are prone to digestive problems, an easy and effective way of addressing those issues would be to take the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive Solutions twice daily. However, if that combination doesn't settle out all your digestive problems, you can add PIC to address any remaining symptoms.

While taking that digestive PIC unit, continue strengthening your overall system by taking your regular twice daily doses of the Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive Solutions in addition to your twice daily PIC unit doses. Your PIC unit may or may not include some or all of the MBP Solutions you're taking. If they are also in your PIC unit, take them with the rest of your PIC unit bottles in addition to your regular doses of the MBP Solutions.

After you finish that digestive PIC unit and all of the retests, continue taking the Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive Solutions twice daily for one year. After that year, you may take these Solutions just one time daily at bedtime. This is because you already know your digestive system is a weak spot in your overall health. By taking these MBP Solutions daily, you are maintaining strength, balance and support where you need it.

Another example:
Let's say heart problems run in your family. You haven't experienced anything serious yourself in this area, but it's a concern for you and on your mind. You want to do what you can to keep your cardiovascular system strong and healthy. In this case, you would take the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Cardiovascular Systems Balancing Solutions once daily (last thing at night, according to the regular MBP Solution instructions).

If a problem arises, or if you find yourself overly concerned that a problem might occur, switch to taking the MBP Solutions twice daily and do a PIC List test for the problem, or for your fears and concerns about a potential problem. As in the first example, you will continue taking the MBP Solutions while also taking your PIC unit for this issue.

Again, because of your family history you know it's a potentially weak area for you, so after your PIC List and all retests are completed, continue to take your MBP Solutions twice daily for one year. After one year, you may take them just one time daily at bedtime to maintain strength and balance.