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Update: September 2020

Daily MBP Solutions and PIC List Testing

by The Question Line Duo

MBP Balancing Solutions

Every fall, not long after we begin recommending those five Most Important Daily Solutions, a number of folks who work with PIC (the Perelandra Information Center) and PIC List testing will comment, "I used to take MBP Solutions daily with results. Then I switched to a PIC List focus for 'My Daily General Health' and have been taking that group of Solutions and Essences twice daily. I have success with that, but I don't feel the same level of strength and health as when I took the MBP Solutions daily." Then they ask, "What's going on?"

When it first came up, we had our own questions to add, so we talked with Machaelle and got some answers. This will help clear things up for everyone.

When you test a PIC List for "Daily General Health," that personalized group of bottles (a PIC unit) is addressing everything related to your overall general balance. The PIC "Daily Health" focus is not necessarily addressing any chronic or acute issues that go beyond general support, and it's not pinpointing any particular system.

PIC units are often long-term. They have a "rippling out" effect as you continue to take the drops each day. Everything related to the focus of that PIC List is taken into consideration and addressed in stages. Each test gives you a group of Essences and Solutions needed to address all of the "pieces" of your particular issue and how those pieces connect. Each time you retest, you address another layer, move out another ripple.

That's not the same as specifically supporting the balanced function of, for example, your cardiovascular system and its microbes, by taking the MBP Cardiovascular System Balancing Solution daily. The MBP Solutions support specific systems from a completely different perspective than PIC.

For many folks who are generally strong and healthy, a PIC List focus of "Daily General Health" is all that's needed to maintain health from day to day. They are able to drop the use of MBP Solutions on a daily basis (outside of any MBPs included in a PIC unit), and won't lose anything. For others, there are body systems that will benefit from specific, deeper support. This is when the MBP Solutions need to be taken daily, in addition to PIC.

Each MBP Solution spotlights a specific body system — all of the organs, microbes and other components of that system. It includes a wider, deeper range of variables and has an impact on that system that you won't get from your general health PIC unit.

If you have a body system that gives you trouble or is prone to weakness, you may need to test a PIC List for the specific problem you are having and, in addition to PIC, take the MBP Solution for that system twice daily.

If you feel you lost something by dropping daily doses of MBP Solutions and only working with PIC, take note. You may need to add a few MBP Solutions back into your daily routine. For some people, taking certain MBPs daily is the critical piece needed to correct a problem or to keep a chronic issue in check.

If you're not sure about your MBP needs, ask PIC: "Would it be beneficial for me to take any MBP Solutions outside of my PIC units?" If yes, ask: "Which MBP Solutions would help?" Then test each one.

If you somehow feel more lost now than before you read this, give us a call on the Question Line:


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