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Update: May 19, 2022

Perelandra Tips
Sun, Heat and ETS
ETS Support for Humans, Animals and Plants

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It's only mid-May and some of us are already feeling the heat of summer and the impact of the brighter and brighter sunshine. At the same time, many folks are travelling more and getting together with vaccinated friends and family to enjoy time outside together over the coming Memorial Day weekend. (Please stay smart, careful and safe!)

Over half of the US population will see temperatures at or above 90 degrees this weekend. And it’s only May [CNN May 19, 2022]

So, this is to remind you that as the temperature goes up and stays up this summer — use ETS for yourself, your family, your animals and your plants. Check your supply now, so you can order and have ETS in hand before you need it.

It is easy to underestimate the added challenge sun and heat exposure adds. Even cloudy days can allow overexposure to sun. And you may not notice the effects until after the day is done. Make sure you know what to do with your ETS.

ETS Humans

ETS for Humans

How often you will take ETS for Humans daily depends on your time outdoors and activity level.

If you spend most of a hot, sunny day indoors, in a cooler environment, and your outside exposure is limited to about 15-25 minutes a day: Take 1 dose of ETS each evening.  (1 Dose = A dropperful or 10-12 drops)

If you spend more than 30 minutes (at one time) in the sun, but don't exert yourself with more than a walk around the block or weeding the front garden bed: Take 1 dose of ETS 3 to 4 times daily.

If you spend an extended amount of time outdoors, especially during the heat of the day, or if you are more vulnerable to sun and heat because of your age, medications or chemicals that cause sensitivity or for any other reason: Take 1 dose of ETS for Humans 4 to 6 times daily.

If the sun and heat are really getting to you: Take 1 dose of ETS every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. Then take ETS 3 times throughout the remainder of that day and 3 times daily for the next 2 days. Consider an ETS Bath or Spritz.


Familiarize yourself now with the symptoms and first aid for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. You treat each differently. Stay smart and safe out there! Here's a good summary: Know the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

If summer really takes it out of you, try this PIC List Testing for Seasonal Prep and Balance.

ETS Animals

ETS for Animals
If your animal is just not a hot-weather creature and generally suffers on hot, sunny days, give them one dose of ETS for Animals (a dropperful) once daily in the evening throughout the hot weather. And if they're having a particularly hard time, give them one dose of ETS for Animals twice daily for two days. If your animal becomes overexposed in this dangerous heatwave, give ETS immediately.


Animals exhibit different signs of heat stress than humans and require a different approach to staying cool. Here's what you should know to keep pets safe in the heat.

ETS Plants

ETS for Plants
If your outdoor plants are suffering through an especially difficult heat spell, you may water or foliar feed (spray) them with an ETS for Plants solution once weekly throughout the hot period. For fields or crops, use the N.S. Application to apply ETS for Plants once weekly. (See the Brochure for guidelines.) Important: Be sure to foliar feed early in the morning or late in the day only — not in the mid-day heat.

If you are in the midst of this dangerous heatwave, you may need to apply ETS more often.

ETS Humans Alert

If you're an indoor-only-can't-stand-the-heat kind of person:

We continue to recommend everyone take ETS for Humans twice daily or more often as needed. It will help you to continue thinking and taking steps forward as you pay attention to what's happening in the world.

For anyone who has been knocked off kilter by any recent shocking event, or the accumulation of shocks and heartache, or if you are struggling just to simply make it through the day: Take ETS 3-5 times daily.

If you're already taking ETS for Humans on a daily basis, you can count your normal daily doses as part of the recommended doses above for sun and heat. But if you're especially vulnerable to sun and heat, increase your daily doses as needed.

It won't do any harm to take more than 5-6 doses of ETS in a day when the circumstance calls for it. And you don't have to focus on the reason you're taking it. ETS for Humans will address and support the body's circuits no matter what has stressed them.

PIC Librarian

PIC Suggestion: Season Prep

If summer weather is not your favorite time of year and the heat, bugs, sweat, long days with just too much sunshine annoy you, and you tend to sit around a lot with no energy waiting for the season to end, try setting up a PIC List test with "Summer Season Prep and Balance" as your focus.

You'll be surprised at the test results and you'll see that your feelings and reactions to the season were due to something bigger going on. The testing may be done any time during the season. This would be especially helpful for those who have a high degree of difficulty with the challenges summer bring on. (This can be done with any season as the focus.)

About PIC: The Perelandra Information Center

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