POSTED: April 22, 2012

Just One Bite at a Time
Essence of Perelandra & Your Home

by The Mighty QL Duo

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Happy Earth Day!

A brief historical note: Earth Day was originally established not just for protesting and rallying, but for education. It included what was called in the 1960s a "teach-in." And what they were teaching on Earth Day was ecology and personal responsibility, for starters. In that spirit, it's a perfect day for this One Bite of Perelandra information.

Machaelle Wright has taken the principles of ecology and personal responsibility far beyond what anyone, even Machaelle herself, could have imagined back in the 60s. She did it by adding one critical element to her work that few others have considered — nature intelligence. When she did that, Perelandra became the Center for Nature Research in the truest sense of the words. Perelandra and all that has been developed here over the decades is a result of Machaelle's partnership with nature intelligence and allowing nature to lead the way in teaching us what balance means. We think that makes Perelandra the ultimate "teach-in" when it comes to ecology.

Essence of Perelandra
The Essence of Perelandra (EoP) Solution, what we refer to as "balance in a bottle," contains the electrical patterns that reflect that deep balance of the Perelandra garden — a balance only made possible by the focused intentional partnership with nature.

From Machaelle: You see, I've been working with nature for over thirty years to carefully construct a garden "biosphere" that operated on the principles of full balance. When visitors walked into the Perelandra garden, they experienced the unique level of balance that has been created, and this experience benefitted them in deep ways — physically, emotionally, mentally, and even "soulfully."

Essence of Perelandra is a carefully constructed, complex electrical pattern that captures all of the elements within each of the levels in the full garden biosphere that interconnect to create the unique balance we call "the Perelandra garden."

Here at Perelandra, we are lucky to experience that balance every day when we arrive to work. We know first hand how powerful that balance is. We also know how powerful Essence of Perelandra is, how it takes the balance we experience when we are in the Perelandra garden and puts it right into whatever we want to support and strengthen in our lives. When you administer EoP to any environment, you provide an exceptional foundation of balance to that area.

While thinking about Earth Day and what to share with you, a grand, simple thought crossed our minds. Imagine this:

Each person reading this takes five minutes this week to shift Essence of Perelandra to his home or to her land.

Imagine the impact we could have! Balance attracts balance. Balance supports balance. Everything we do to strengthen and support balance in our own environment has a ripple effect on the environment around us.

Now imagine if each one of us shifted EoP to our home and land, say . . . once a month?!

Are you up for it? It's this easy:

Steps for Administering Essence of Perelandra to Your Home / Land
You will need to work with nature to administer EoP.

  1. Focus your attention on the area you wish to address, and state:
    "I wish to set up with nature to shift Essence of Perelandra."
    Wait 10 seconds.
  2. Describe the area succinctly. Write it down or say it aloud.
    (Ex: You can use your home address, focus on a sketch of your apartment, home, garden or land or use a copy of your plat.)
  3. Place 10 drops of Essence of Perelandra in a clean spoon.
  4. Hold the spoon out in front of you and say,
    "I wish to shift these Essence of Perelandra drops to _____ (the location) that I've described."
    Hold the spoon out in front of you for 10 seconds. The shift occurs automatically.
  5. After 10 seconds, the shift is complete and you are finished.
    (Nature did the shift for you, so you might want to give a tip of the hat to nature and thank it before moving on with the rest your day!)

Wipe the spoon clean and you're done. It really is that easy.

Note: If you wish to administer EoP to your home and property, focus on the property first. After administering the 10 drops, then focus on your house and administer those 10 drops. Do this for any other individual buildings that might be sitting on the property.


IMPORTANT: EoP Ethics for Environments
You must either own, rent or be officially in charge of a specific environment, property, farm or garden, etc., in order to have the right to administer EoP to it.

WE MEAN THIS! DO NOT shift EoP for your whole neighborhood, your office building (unless you own it or you pay the rent for it), your grumpy neighbor's house, your town, your country or the planet — we don't have the right to make that decision for anyone except ourselves, and our own home and land.


Don't Underestimate Essence of Perelandra!
Every time you use Essence of Perelandra for yourself, you are working right along with nature to add balance to your part of the world. You don't have to have a farm or garden. You don't have to own acres of land — or any land. You don't have to own a home. You can live in a studio apartment in a high rise building in NYC or Tokyo or on a houseboat on the Mississippi River or in a tent or a thatched-roof cottage in a tropical rainforest . . .

All you have to do to provide exceptional strength, support and balance to the place you call home is follow those few, very simple steps.

It's not just for home and environment. Use Essence of Perelandra anytime and anywhere you wish to provide a unique foundation of balance, stability, strength and support:

  • You may take 10 drops of EoP orally to add balance, stability, strength and support for your overall health and well-being.
  • You may give 10 drops to a child or infant for their health and well-being.
  • And you may give 10 drops to a companion animal.
  • You can also use EoP "non-orally" and provide 10 drops to your job, specific work-related tasks, any project you are working on or any soil-less garden you are working with.
  • You may add EoP to your garden or farm biosphere to give it additional balance, stability, strength and support.


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We get a lot of feedback about Essence of Perelandra, and would like to leave you with these comments:

It's more a question of what can't it do. So far EoP's balancing power has helped: Fix the computer. Make the printer print. Ensure optimum performance in exams. Calm public speaking nerves. Smooth the path for difficult phone calls. Improve concentration and focus. Coming up next: EoP saves the world. . . . — H.W., Honolulu, HI

. . . EoP is the next step in the evolutionary interface between life force and organization. This comes at a time when humanity needs it. When things happen and truly get out of hand, to be able to drop the drama and do something about it in the moment, then move on, is a blessing. Such a wonderful tool. Many and great thanks, and blessings to you all at Perelandra. — C.M.M., Fort Valley, VA

Started using EoP in "Gut Gardening." I was impatient and bought at the nursery all kinds of vegetable starts, and right away planted them in my vegetable garden. The next morning I looked, and the roof in front of my house was white with frost. It was on the lawn as well. White all around. I cannot see my vegetable garden from living quarters, and I was afraid to look, envisioning dead plants. I was delaying the visit to the garden, just wasn't ready to face the carnage. But when I came down to the garden, everything was just as I left it — perky plants, untouched by cold. Thank you EoP! — D.R., Bellevue, WA

I've been using EoP for about a year and a half and think it works like a miracle with all of my intentions. Initially I used it to balance my PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and soul) levels, and use EoP for the garden and my house plants. When I use EoP as a spray on the plants or ask nature to transfer EoP, the difference is immediate. Everything looks like a magic wand was waved and all was transformed. My husband couldn't get over the change so it's not just me seeing this. — Anonymous in North Carolina


This is the perfect time to go get your bottle of Essence of Perelandra out of the cupboard and balance your home.

We wish everyone, including nature, a Happy Earth Day.


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