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Update: May 2018

One Bite at a Time MAP Series, Part 2
Using ETS for Humans with MAP

Welcome to the next installment in our series about MAP! Today we're going to talk specifically about using ETS for Humans with MAP.

For those of you unfamiliar with ETS for Humans:
It is a safe, natural solution that's taken orally. Outside of MAP, ETS is used for any sudden or "unscheduled" physical, emotional or mental situation that causes anger, frustration, confusion, pain, panic, irritation and fear. When these kinds of "intrusions" occur, we immediately reach for and take ETS for Humans. Once we stabilize ourselves with ETS, we are better able to intelligently and calmly turn our attention to what else we need to do to address what has just occurred.

We're here to remind you not to file ETS away as "just for emergencies." There's so much more to it. ETS for Humans helps to stabilize the changes that are implemented during your MAP session, and support you as you adjust to those changes. By using ETS for Humans as prescribed with each session, you are assisting in the integration of your MAP team's work and shortening the period between the session and when the work fully seats in your body.

We highly recommend using ETS with MAP.

When we talk with folks who started MAP and have successfully addressed a wide range of issues with their teams for some time before incorporating ETS, they often tell us that they notice a clear difference once they start taking it. They talk about how much more efficiently and quickly they were able to feel the results of their MAP sessions. And they notice how much clearer the sessions are for them, including their ability to sense and communicate with their team.

Complete instructions on how and when to use ETS with MAP during regular sessions, the Calibration Process, emergencies and more are given in the MAP book.

If you choose not to include ETS, you'll be just fine. It's not a requirement.

If you have any questions about getting started with MAP, communicating with your MAP team, or using ETS in support of your MAP sessions, give us a call:

Question Hot Line
Wednesdays, 10-8 ET

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