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One Bite at a Time, Part 23
Deepen your partnership.


During those weekend afternoons when it's too dang hot to be outside, we have the perfect summer reading for you. And if you don't already have The Perelandra Garden Workbook ebook downloaded, be sure you do before you head off on a vacation.

Chapter 14, beginning on page 229, is a collection of sessions (discussions) that Machaelle had with nature during her years of working in the garden.

Each session is just a page or few pages. We think it helps to read one session at a time and let that sink in before you move on to the next one. (Read a session, take a nap in the hammock, repeat.) These are pages you'll come back to again and again, each time broadening your understanding of nature, your garden and your partnership.

Reading the sessions are like an intimate "sit down" with a good friend, listening with appreciation as they let you into their inner world. You know those talks. They are special moments and afterwards, though you go back to day-to-day life, you feel closer to this friend, the relationship stronger and more real.


You will gain insight on a wide range of interesting topics: Soil Balancing, Geopathic Zones, Triangles, Insects and Communication, Food Production and Chemical Manipulation, Benefits of the Co-Creative Partnership, Earthworms and Robins . . . And there is the timeless session you have probably read before, on Planet Earth.

As you take all of this in, you will find your work in your garden, your attitude toward the work and your response to "problems" will all begin to change. Your understanding of your place in the bigger picture, of the importance and of the responsibility you have to this partnership with nature will deepen and grow. And your partnership will expand.

Enjoy your summer and your garden.


To our friends in the Southern Hemisphere:

It's time for you to get the ball rolling! Yep, we know it's winter there. It is the perfect time to begin your new partnership with nature.

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To everyone:

Our Garden One Bite Series will continue, but we will no longer be sending new garden articles as frequently. If you run into any trouble, need a refresher, or are new to the series and want to start at the beginning, you can always refer back to the whole series of articles here.

Moving through the summer season, you will find Chapters 11 and 12 especially helpful. (Discussed in "One Bite" Parts 19, 20 and 21.)

Of course, never hesitate to call us on the Question Hot Line if you get stuck, or need a little encouragement.

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