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Just One Bite at a Time
Soil-less Gardens: A completely new approach to your projects and goals.

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POSTED: May 25, 2017
UPDATED: June 2, 2017

Just One Bite at a Time:
Soil-less Garden Series »


It's time for a new approach to how we function in the world around us; a new approach to how we think; a new approach to understanding and interacting with nature.

Many of you have started down this road with your co-creative gardens (some just this year with our One Bite Garden Series!), and now you want to apply what you're learning to other aspects of your life.

Some folks may not see the appeal of gardening, even with nature as your partner. Maybe you don't have a green thumb or you live in a city apartment, so you think all of this "gardening" information doesn't apply to you. It does.

Machaelle Wright began her research with nature through a simple vegetable garden. She quickly learned that nature's definition of a garden is broader than we humans would imagine. It doesn't have to be growing in soil. A "garden" is actually any environment that's initiated and given its purpose by humans, and maintained with the help of humans.

blueprint house

That changes things! Cooking, a restaurant, artwork, a museum or a memorial, design, construction, racing, an event, mechanics, business management, cleaning, governing, repairing, recycling, manufacturing, engineering . . . each of these things is a garden — a garden that isn't growing in soil. We call it a "soil-less garden" or "SLG" for short. And anyone can work in partnership with nature to establish, sustain and achieve success with a soil-less garden project.

It doesn't have to be difficult or complex. If you've thought about trying a soil-less garden, watched the DVD, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens, or read the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion book, but you feel a little intimidated — relax. This "One Bite at a Time" series will help you blow right through your road blocks.

In the SLG Companion, Machaelle lets you know right up front that this isn't your usual experience:

To start a soil-less garden is to open yourself up to quite an adventure. Don't forget that your coning [team] members include nature and the White Brotherhood. There's not going to be anything "average" about your soil-less garden with team members like this. So if you're not up for an adventure, if you don't want to experience anything new or different, if you want to maintain complete control over your project, don't open a soil-less garden. If you do open one, remember to expect the unexpected. This will be your new "average."

Are you ready for a new "average"? Good!


Want to get started right now?

Fantastic! Your first assignment is simple and easy. You might want some popcorn for #2.

1. Locate your Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion. If you can't find your book, you can order a new copy or buy and download the ebook edition here »

2. Watch the DVD of Machaelle's workshop, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens. If you lent it out to a friend, call them up and invite them to join you! If you have an old VHS set and no VHS player, you can order a new DVD set here »


Want to learn a little more first?

You're in luck!

You can read an excerpt from the Companion that includes the introduction and first chapter free online here »

You can watch a ten minute clip from Machaelle's Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens workshop DVD here »

And if you'd like to read about some of the experiences of others, check out the soil-less garden section of our "Perelandra Voices" articles online here »

We are going to take this series slow, giving you one step at a time over the next several months. You may jump ahead if you like. But remember, slow and steady wins the race.

If you already have an active soil-less garden project:
Kudos! We encourage you to follow along with this series. We will be answering many of our most frequently asked questions along the way.

Still not sure what we're talking about?
Read Machaelle's short article, A Garden as Defined by Nature, here »


If you're new and ready to go all in:

We understand. For some folks, as soon as you hear the phrase "soil-less gardens" — without really knowing what the heck it is — it just strikes a chord in you. Like it's that missing piece to your puzzle.

If that describes you, then we suggest you get started the easy way by purchasing the discounted Soil-less Garden Kit.

If you want to purchase the items you'll need in stages, start with:

Once you get going with the process, you're quickly going to want to add the Rose Essences and Rose Essences II, as well as the Perelandra Nature Cards.


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Just One Bite at a Time:
Soil-less Garden Series »