POSTED: November 13, 2016
Just One Bite at a Time, Part 1
What to do now.

from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

Where do we go from here After the U.S. presidential election, many of you are asking, "Now what do we do?!"

Our answer: Begin by reading The Mount Shasta Mission by Machaelle Wright.

If you have the book and have read it, but you can't remember how it answers the question, reread from the bottom of page 408 beginning, "With Overlord successfully seated . . . " through the bottom of page 412, including the shaded box.

For those who reacted with, "I can't take time to read a book!" or who don't want to read about how this kind of mission is formulated and executed, we'll make it easy for you. The excerpt is available here:

Don't let it end there! After you read it and think about it, send us your ideas on how you would like to put this into action. In essence, we want to hear your answer to the question, "What do I do now?"

We'll post your answers on our website and Facebook page so that others can benefit from your ideas. Then, we will continue the discussion with further "One Bites" that include some of our ideas. Email your answers to us at:

Focus Commit Act

"Just One Bite at a Time" Series from the Question Hot Line Duo:
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The Mount Shasta Mission

If you're curious about what you've read in those four pages and would like to know how this support system was set up, well, that's the rest of the book!

The Mount Shasta Mission by Machaelle Wright
Softcover: $19.20
eBook: $9.60

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