POSTED: January 10, 2017
Just One Bite at a Time, Part 2
What to do now.
from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

It's been two months since our first installment of this "Just One Bite at a Time" series. What a two months it's been. If you missed our first segment in November, here's a synopsis:

After the U.S. presidential election, many of you are asking, "Now what do we do?!"
Our answer: Begin by reading The Mount Shasta Mission by Machaelle Wright.

. . . read from the bottom of page 408 beginning, "With Overlord successfully seated . . . " through the bottom of page 412, including the shaded box. . . . we'll make it easy for you. The excerpt is available here: The Mount Shasta Mission Excerpt, pp. 408-412 »

Don't let it end there! After you read it and think about it, send us your ideas on how you would like to put this into action. In essence, we want to hear your answer to the question, "What do I do now?"

Well, we received a lot of inspiring responses from you folks these past two months. We're editing them and preparing a web page where they'll be shared. We will soon send an announcement when it's ready for you. In the meantime, we have two invaluable resources we want to share that will surely generate some more ideas.

A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda from former congressional staffers who wish to reveal the best practices for making Congress listen.
Indivisible Guide »

A literary collective born of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, dedicated to challenging all things that diminish our nation's quest for equality, freedom, justice and a healthy planet for all—while having a bit of fun.
Writers Resist »

If the holidays distracted you and you didn't have a chance to read that email in November, or you weren't ready to write down your ideas to share, you still have time! With the deep freeze and terrible weather across the country now, it's a great time to snuggle up with a good book. The Mount Shasta Mission, of course! Let yourself be motivated to focus, commit and act.

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