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Just One Bite at a Time
from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

A lot of you are new to Perelandra and started with one particular product or program that interested you, and many of you only work with certain Perelandra options, but haven't yet dipped your toes into other Perelandra possibilities. There are quite a lot of those possibilities and being faced with it all can be overwhelming. We feel your pain and want to help. So, we are trying something new.

Periodically, we are going to pick just one or a few related items, explain what they are and how you use them, and try to make the learning process more manageable and hence, more enjoyable. We aim to reduce your suffering, not add to it.

We would like you to know that we don't expect everyone to use every Perelandra tool in your lives. (But we can dream!) Our hope is that these pages will help you to more easily decide what is best for you, and then to use that tool well.

— Jeannette and Beth

Monthly EoP Biodiversity Process

The Environment Series

The Gardening Series

The Soil-less Gardening Series

A Heads Up About the Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution

From Your Dogs and Cats: The ticks are coming!

Help & Hope: Environmental action tailored to you, with nature's input and support.

Daily MBP Solutions and PIC List Testing

When Do I Take My Solutions & Essences?

What to do now that the election results are in.

What to do now. Responding to changes in the U.S. government.

What to do now. Your ideas and goals.

MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program
    Using ETS for Humans with MAP
    Misconceptions & Misinformation About MAP
    Tips for Working Better with MAP

ETS & The Bright, Hot Days of Summer

About PIC and the MBP Balancing Solutions

For the best results and easy scheduling of your Perelandra Solutions:
   PIC List testing made even easier!
   Your PIC List Retest Made Easy

Let nature help you at those weekend plant sales with gut gardening!

Easy steps for working with nature using the Perelelandra Solutions to support your projects (aka soil-less gardens).

An Introduction to Perelandra Essences

Summer Reading Series: Autobiographies by Machaelle Wright
      Pivot, A Memoir
      Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered
      Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon
      The Mount Shasta Mission

Essence of Perelandra & Your Home

Tick Season, MBP Solutions & Animals