Post: March 26, 2020


Update on Perelandra Operations


First, thank you for all of the support, kind words and good wishes that you give us. It means the world to us and keeps our spirits up. You remind us why it matters that we are here doing this work and why it's so important for us to keep operating during this time.

You may have heard in the news that the Governor of Virginia ordered non-essential businesses in Virginia to close this week. Fortunately, Perelandra is able to remain open at this time.

Because we are not open to the public and we are able to follow all of the workplace distancing and cleanliness requirements, we are in the categories of businesses allowed to be open. If quarantine rules change here in Virginia or locally, we'll notify you as soon as we get word, and explain what you can expect from us at that time.

Perhaps you've been curious about how we're handling things here.

greenhouse office

At Perelandra, we continue to up our game plan to keep all of our staff safe, and keep our facilities extra clean and disinfected. Our cleaning policies at the starting point already surpassed the guidelines set by WHO and the CDC. For 15 years, we've had the requirement in all Perelandra offices and departments to disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, phones, keyboards, light switches, etc., twice daily. So this has been part of our normal daily routine for a long time. It's also our habit to air out buildings daily — opening doors and windows and moving fresh air through, no matter how cold it is outside. And we wash our hands! A lot.

Initially, the new part of the work routine for us was setting up each building and department so all staff were at least 6 feet apart. We started this in early February and at that time also began having our meetings outside, keeping distance between us. It helps that we are in a rural farming community, with numerous separate buildings and lots of outside space.

outdoor sink

We've adjusted schedules and set up several of our staff for telecommuting to reduce the number of people in each department at any given time. Our garden assistants set up a second desk area in the greenhouse to keep apart (above). We rearranged furniture, cleared out storage areas and changed our office spaces to accommodate our new needs. We even added an outdoor hand-washing station (right).

This week, we increased our distance to 8 feet apart and separated our production team to one staff member per room. More furniture and computer rearranging! Our mailroom and customer service area can now only fit 2-3 staff at a time. So we've had to learn how to rotate staff for each part of the order processing, pulling of orders, checking and packing for shipment. This slowed us down at first, but we're beginning to settle into our new procedures, and are coming up with more efficient approaches to the work.

We are all required to take and record our temperature upon arrival to work and again halfway through our shift. And all of our staff have been following social distancing rules outside of work, weeks before it was required in most places.

barn warehouse
There's always been a good 20 feet between our two main Customer Service desks. They've removed the coffee station that was between them, and put it on the other side of the room to further maintain our new 8-foot rule.

Shipping and Delivery Update

Now that we have adjusted to our new routines, our average processing time is 3 business days from when you place your order to when it's picked up by our ever-constant and reliable FedEx drivers. But with the ongoing adjustments, please allow for longer shipping times.

We're currently shipping all U.S. orders through FedEx to help us avoid sending any staff to drop off packages at the busy post office. And we moved all of our deliveries and pickups to our barn warehouse to eliminate traffic and interactions. It's safer for our drivers and for us.

barn warehouse
Cases of Machaelle's new softcover, second edition Perelandra Garden Workbook being expertly unloaded and placed into our barn warehouse. (Learn more about those Workbooks here!)

We are continuing to work on getting the best shipping options available, so we can offer you the lowest rates available to us. We may again adjust our shipping choices as needed to get your products to you, and to further minimize social exposure for our staff.

As long as shippers are operating, and Perelandra is permitted and able to operate safely, we will continue to get your orders sent to you.


It matters to us that we do all we can through this pandemic to keep providing you with the products and information you've come to rely on. And of course, do all we can to stay healthy and safe here. Thanks again for your care and support for us. We'll keep you updated as new changes occur, through email and with updates, tips and reminders on our website's home page.

Wishing you all good health and easy
adjustments in this strange new world,
Your Perelandra Staff