Update: October 16, 2021
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Order and Shipping Update

We received an impressive number of orders during our annual autumn break! We're preparing new orders as quickly as possible, with the care and attention you've come to expect. During this time we need your patience and understanding.

Most orders placed through Saturday, October 9, have been shipped.

Orders placed through Wednesday, October 13, are scheduled to be sent early next week.

  • Please note that no new items will be added to any pending orders at this time. If you need additional Perelandra products, you will have to place a new order.

  • And please do not call or email and ask to jump to the head of the line.

All new orders will be added to the queue as they come in. In other words, new orders go in line behind those placed over break. It may be up to two weeks from the day of your order before it ships.

We will post regular shipping updates here until we're back to our normal turn-around time.