Last Update: January 21, 2022

An Ordering and Shipping Update

On the heels of our winter holiday and a wonderfully overwhelming number of holiday orders, several major storms have repeatedly made our local country roads icy and unsafe for travel. This has impacted our schedule. When were are in the office, we are preparing and shipping as many orders as possible. As one staff-member said to another earlier today, "I have kick-butt coworkers!"

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We are steadily catching up. Here's where things currently stand:

  • Most orders placed through Wednesday, January 12, have been shipped.

  • Orders placed through Tuesday, January 18, are scheduled to ship by Monday, January 24.

Barring any significant additional weather closures, by the end of January we expect to ship most new orders within 3-4 business days.

We will continue to post updates here until then.


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New orders are added to the queue as they come in. While it's taking us a little longer than usual to ship new orders, you can take advantage of reduced shipping costs!

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U.S. Customers:
Select "$5 U.S. Shipping" at checkout. We will choose the best method for your package — FedEx or U.S. Mail. (Bottle Buyers Club members get free shipping.)

International Customers: After you select the shipping method for your order, enter coupon code "JS22" during checkout to receive $10 off the international shipping cost. (Bottle Buyers Club members get $15 off shipping.)



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  • You will receive an email with tracking information when your shipment is ready. Note: Some email services (gmail, yahoo, etc.) auto-sort our messages into a "Promotions" or spam/junk folder. Add to your contact list to ensure you receive your Perelandra order confirmations and shipping notices.

  • All new orders will be processed consecutively according to the dates they were placed.

  • We will not combine multiple pending orders into one package.

  • No new items may be added to pending orders. If you need additional Perelandra products, you must place a new order.

  • Please do not ask that your order be moved to the head of the line.



Reminder: Price Increases Coming Soon

With business costs rising, we will have to increase our prices this month. This will include an increase to the cost of our Bottle Buyers Club. We're going to hold off raising our prices until after all orders placed during our holiday break have shipped. So you still have a little time to stock up before the increase.