Update: September 6, 2019

30 Off

Our Overstock = Your Savings

Get 30% off Perelandra Essences and Solutions
in vinegar preservative.

We have some individual Perelandra Essences, and a variety of Perelandra Solutions preserved in organic distilled white vinegar that were produced more than nine months ago. They're as potent as any Essence or Solution bottled this week, just a little older than we like to keep on our shelves.

We've offered discounted vinegar overstock bottles a few times this year. As time passed, different bottles have reached that nine-month mark, and they're available to you at 30% off the regular price.

This type of offer has previously only been available by phone, during regular business hours. Now, you can order online anytime!

Bottle Buyers Club members: You will get free U.S. shipping and $15 off international shipping.
However, discounted bottles will not count toward your club-member free-bottle benefit.

Offer applies only to individual Perelandra Essences and Solutions listed in the order pages linked above. While supplies last.
Does not apply to boxed sets, combos or kits. Retail only. No additional discounts. No substitutions.

20 off books

20% Off Damaged Books

Machaelle Wright has self-published all of her books. From her first autobiography, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, to her recent, insight- and lesson-packed memoir, Pivot, she has set a precedent for the highest quality. When a Perelandra book gets a slight ding or a bent corner, we consider it "damaged" and it's sold at 20% off. There are currently a few discounted copies available for: