Update: November 29, 2020

Sudden and Recurring Disease Outbreaks

Expanded Tips, Reminders and FAQs

To shore yourself up with your Perelandra tools, start by keeping up with the Most Important Perelandra Solutions, and following the Expanded Tips that apply to you and your current situation (linked below).

Below are links to guidelines you need right now, and additional guidelines to keep for later. Save this email so you can find it in a jiffy. If you can, print this email and the guidelines linked here. Keep the pages with your Solutions and an extra copy in your Go Bag. If you find yourself without electricity or internet access, you'll still know exactly what to do with your Perelandra tools without missing a beat.

ETS for Humans

Everyone: Take ETS every day.

Don't dismiss the strain you're experiencing, whether or not you or any of your loved ones are sick or at risk. The pandemic and all of the added chaos is a challenge to our circuits on every level — mentally, emotionally and physically.

We strongly recommend, to get through this time, that you take one dose (12 drops) of ETS for Humans two times a day, every day, even if you think all is well.

If something strikes you personally, if you find yourself freaked out, if your child is away at college, if your children are attending school in person or remotely, if you're dealing with the aftermath of disaster, if you're on notice to evacuate, if it looks like the apocalypse outside — Take one dose of ETS 3–5 times a day.

FAQs About Addressing Sudden Outbreaks and Seasonal Issues

ETS for Humans

"What if I need a vaccination?"

Whether you are taking a PIC Unit or just the Perelandra Solutions, continue to take them twice daily as you have been.

When you go for the vaccine, take ETS for Humans with you. ETS will move you through the initial impact you experience from receiving any vaccination. If you're unfazed by shots or have no concerns about getting that vaccination, take ETS anyway. You're receiving a jolt from the impact of the inoculation, whether you sense it or not. Right after receiving a vaccination, take 1 dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans every 5 minutes for the first 20 minutes.

Note: The doses administered right after getting a shot are in addition to the 2-5 daily doses you're taking for overall support.

Additional note: Whether or not to get a vaccination is your individual choice. We encourage you to make an informed decision that takes into consideration not just your health and the health of your family, but the health of your community.

Important Solutions Bacteria and Virus

"If I'm taking a PIC Unit for an outbreak and another for seasonal issues, do I also take Virus, Bacteria and MBPs separately?"

Yes. We recommend everyone take these Five Most Important Daily Solutions throughout the year. This includes those of you with ongoing PIC Lists for your daily general balance or for any other specific focus, even if any of these five Perelandra Solutions are included in your PIC Unit. Learn more about PIC Units and daily Solutions here.

Eat Right 4 Your Type

"I take the Perelandra Solutions, but I still catch stuff. What else should I consider?"

Don't underestimate the food you eat. What's "good" for a person with one blood type, isn't helpful or can even challenge a person with a different blood type. For exceptional general body strengthening, follow the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet guidelines from Dr. Peter D'Adamo. Your body must have the right fuel to function properly. Read Machaelle's full recommendation here.

Expanded Tips for Sudden and Recurring Disease Outbreaks


Preparation and Strengthening
The first part of this series gives you tips to start addressing your concerns with any of the Perelandra tools you wish to use: ETS, MAP, Perelandra Essences and Solutions, the Microbial Balancing Program and PIC. You do not have to do everything listed. Just focus on what you already use from Perelandra, and your own comfort level.

Read the expanded tips for preparation and strengthening.
Print Part 1 from a PDF here.

Exposure, Illness and Recovery
Part 2 of the series includes the tips you'll need if you have been exposed, are sick or recovering and wish to use any of these Perelandra tools: ETS, EoP, MAP, Perelandra Essences and Solutions, the Microbial Balancing Program and PIC. Again, you would just focus on what you already use from Perelandra, and your own comfort level.

Read the expanded tips for exposure, illness and recovery.
Print Part 2 from a PDF here.

Caring for Others
In Part 3 of this series, we address how to use the Perelandra tools when caring for a loved one who is seriously ill, and what you can offer to a loved one who has died.

Read the expanded tips on caring for others.
Print Part 3 from a PDF here.