Posted: 6/8/15
PIC Focus Alert from Machaelle

Things are getting a little dicey out there. Because of the changes and shifts brought on by global warming I think it's fair to say we are looking at the "new normal." Kiss those well-established rhythms and patterns that we've grown accustomed to over the years goodbye. We've got a whole new ballgame going on. (If I fit one more cheap and mixed metaphor in this paragraph, I'll be getting an award from the Cheap Metaphor Society. But I digress . . .) We're in luck. Because of PIC, you may address each development in the "new normal" as it becomes a concern for you. From time to time I'll be sending out PIC Focus Alerts just to make sure you know what's going on that may need to be "taken" to PIC. I will include suggested PIC focuses to use for testing the List and when setting up to ask questions and receive pertinent information from the PIC library. I will also include links to articles for giving you some background on the issue. The suggested focuses are just that: a suggestion. Something to give you an idea on how to get started. Feel free to modify them according to your needs. By the way, if you are not working with the PIC List, you may still get pertinent information about a specific health situation as it applies to you by setting up with the PIC classroom and using the suggested focus.

Avian Flu Epidemic Prompts CDC Warning of 'Potential for Human Infection'
Suggested PIC focus: Prepare for potential exposure to bird flu and for dealing with the resulting disease.

Bird flu epidemic hits 35 countries since early 2014
Suggested PIC focus using the environmental PIC instructions: Strengthening my flocks for potential exposure to bird flu and for dealing with the resulting disease.
If your birds have already been hit with bird flu, remove the word "potential" from the focus.

As canine influenza spreads to neighboring states, officials urge dog owners to be vigilant
Suggested PIC focus: The dog's name + "Prepare ___________ for potential exposure to canine influenza and for dealing with the resulting disease."

Canine flu outbreak: How can I keep my dog safe?

Chikungunya is on the move
If you are living in the identified locations or traveling to one of those areas, the suggested PIC focus is: Prepare for potential exposure to Chikungunya and for dealing with the resulting disease.

Influenza rates are higher than normal as experts warn of bad season
It's not too late to start taking daily doses of Seasonal Balancing. And if needed, you may expand and deepen on what Seasonal Balancing gives you by testing the PIC List.
Suggested PIC focus: Prepare for this season's flu viruses and for dealing with the resulting disease and health issues.

Here's to your health,