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We invite you to enter PIC — it's open 24/7 — and learn about what PIC offers and how to use its services to enhance your life in every conceivable way. To say that with PIC the sky is the limit is an understatement. There's no registration fee, membership or purchase requirements. You don't even have to travel to get to PIC. It's there to serve you no matter where you are and any time you'd like. All you have to do is come on in and enjoy this new world. Just click on your friendly PIC librarian and learn all about it!

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Update: 8/31/18
PIC: Perelandra Information Center Brochure
The complete instructions needed to make the most of PIC. It includes Machaelle's post on expanding PIC List Testing for the environment and soil-less gardens, as well FAQs & Points. Read the brochure. »

Update: August 2018
Blank PIC List
Now includes the Virus & Bacteria Solutions. You can download this blank form and print a new copy for each PIC test or save your lists electronically. Learn More »

PIC List Testing Made Even Easier
This is for those of you who have still not tried the Perelandra Process that will simplify your life, change the way you work with the Perelandra Solutions and Essences and improve your results: PIC. We are here to help you get over your hesitation and fears. You can do this! Read More »

PIC's Classroom is here for you.
It's not just about testing the list! Everyone can benefit and learn from the "Classroom" part of the Perelandra Information Center (PIC). . . . Read More »

Daily MBP Solutions and PIC List Testing
A number of folks have recently commented: "I used to take MBP Solutions daily and had great results. Then I switched to a PIC List focus for 'My Daily General Health' and have been taking that group of Solutions and Essences twice daily. I have success with that, but I don't feel the same level of strength and health as when I took the MBP Solutions daily." Then they asked: "What's going on?" Read More »

PIC Focus Alert from Machaelle
Things are getting a little dicey out there. Because of the changes and shifts brought on by global warming I think it's fair to say we are looking at the "new normal." Kiss those well-established rhythms and patterns . . . Read More »

Expanding PIC List Testing to Include the Environment & Soil-less Gardens
PIC List testing may be expanded to address environmental issues (including health issues for herds and flocks) and problems or concerns that arise when working with soil-less gardens. By using the PIC List in these areas, we are able to provide the same high quality, comprehensive help that PIC units provide for human health issues. Learn More »

The All-Purpose PIC Guidelines for Sudden Disease Outbreaks
I'm going to give you the all-purpose guidelines for setting up the PIC focuses to use when you have concerns or have been exposed to pathogens and disease. This way you will have the flexibility to respond to whatever is swirling around you and causing concern. . . . Read More »

Update: 8/31/18
FAQs & Points
Answers to frequently asked questions and important points about PIC. Learn More »

The PIC Package
As you get into working with the PIC List, you'll see that you could be testing it often. If this is the case, you may wish to remove the potential annoyance of ordering the bottles you need two or three or more at a time. So we came up with the PIC Package which saves you up to 10% off the regular retail prices when buying the Essences and Solutions separately. Learn More »

If you are dealing with a serious issue, you may also want to consider:

"Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Thanks Machaelle for asking the question ... and Nature for such a simple process as the answer. VERY user friendly! This removes the overwhelm factor of using all my Perelandra products and confusion of what to take when. Simple to test and implement. Getting helpful insights already. Thanks again!"   — Sharon Bode, Facebook

"This is so amazing, I love it already!"   — Deba Loomis, Facebook

"Yay for PIC! Thank you!"   — Marcus Walther, Facebook

"OMG – You weren't kidding about this announcement. It's really mind-blowing. I'm still reeling from the shock — No testing bottles in your lap? No symptom lists or TT checklist? No different bottles with different dosages/times/days? No testing clear for 7 days? It's almost inconceivable, but I'm definitely smiling."   — P.M., Weaverville, NC

"WowWOWwow. That's what my father would say when he was really excited about something. This was after he'd lost the use of many of his words. I still have the use of most of my words, but this announcement calls for this: WowWOWwow I'm just starting to dive into it all. Thanks so much!"   — L.S., Indianola, WA

"What an amazing gift. I jumped at the chance to use PIC and I am sooo beyond grateful to you. In my super-overwhelmed state, I would never have thought I would pick up something so fast, but when drowning and a lifeline is thrown to you ... you just grab it and think about it later. So I did and I can promise you I will sleep much sweeter tonight because of this amazing gift. I totally am grateful. I will let you know how it works for me. Thank you."   — K.M., Union Springs, NY