Update: January 2017

Machaelle first posted this information in the summer of 2015. These all-purpose guidelines are simple and timeless, and they apply to whatever is swirling around you and causing concern. Below is Machaelle's complete original message.

Posted: 8/20/15
PIC Update from Machaelle:
The All-Purpose PIC Guidelines
for Sudden Disease Outbreaks

I've been watching the development of Legionnaires' Disease currently going on in New York City and debating whether to send out a PIC health alert to New Yorkers with guidelines for setting up a PIC focus for this outbreak. But here's the deal: This outbreak is driving me nuts. First it's serious, then the mayor says it's under control, then it's announced it has spread into other areas, then they put people on alert, then they remove the alert . . . All of that has managed to freeze me into position while I wait for some clear development that will serve to press me into reasonable and responsible action. This is where I may need to admit to you and myself that, underneath it all, I might be a hopeless Jewish mother. I just don't want any of you suffering out there because you either forgot about PIC when you were in the midst of an outbreak or you weren't sure how to set up the focus. Besides all this, while I'm trying to figure out what's going on in NYC, a bunch of other hot spots have cropped up around the country and internationally. Who the hell can keep up with all this?!

So I'm raising the white flag and going generic on you. I'm going to give you the all-purpose guidelines for setting up the PIC focuses to use when you have concerns or have been exposed to pathogens and disease. This way you will have the flexibility to respond to whatever is swirling around you and causing concern. Be sure to bookmark this webpage or print it off so you will have the guidelines whenever needed.

Phase 1 - Preparation.
For when you hear in the media, through word of mouth or from official health announcements that there is an outbreak and it is either near you or coming your way and you'd like to prepare yourself for possible exposure:

#1 PIC focus: "There's an outbreak of _________________ [insert the name of the pathogen or disease galloping your way] and I would like to strengthen and prepare for possible exposure."

Then test the PIC List as usual and take the correct number of drops twice daily. Do the retests while you are in the preparation stage. To prepare family members and friends, you will need to do a surrogate PIC List test for each person.

Phase 2 - You are sick.
Stop taking the combination of drops from PIC focus #1 right away. You have moved into a new stage and you need a new PIC combination. If whatever is causing the outbreak makes you ill and you have been taking the drops for focus #1, chances are good that you will have a mild hit and not experience anything like what those who haven't prepared are experiencing. In short, you've laid the groundwork and your body isn't caught off guard. Should you become ill, there are two approaches you can take depending on how you are feeling.

If the symptoms are mild and you are able to do a PIC List test:

Stop taking the PIC #1 combination drops right away.

#2A PIC focus: "For moving ____________ [insert the name of the pathogen or disease that's causing this rude inconvenience] out of my system and for shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness."  Take the needed drops twice daily and do all the retests until you move into Phase 3, the recuperation stage.

If you've been hit harder and are unable to do any testing:

Stop taking the PIC #1 combination drops right away.

#2B: Throughout your illness, take ETS for Humans 5 times daily. Also take Essence of Perelandra (EoP) 5 times daily for maintaining strength. Either take the needed drops directly from the bottle dropper or use two clean spoons. Do not combine ETS and EoP in one spoon. They may be taken at the same time of day but be sure to keep the Solutions separate from one another by using a clean spoon for each.

Important: Don't hesitate to get any needed medical help while you are sick. Just continue to take your PIC drops as outlined in #2A or #2B. They will assist and support you along with the additional medical treatment you are receiving.

Phase 3 - Recuperation.
You are no longer sick and your body has successfully dealt with the offending pathogen. You are now in the recuperation stage. Generally you can tell if you are in this stage if you feel tired and physically weakened.

Stop taking the combination of drops for focus #2A or the #2B Solution drops right away.

#3 PIC focus: "For full recuperation from ____________." (Insert the name of the pathogen or disease you've been dealing with.) Take the needed drops twice daily and do all the retests until you test that no further retests are needed. 

Helpful Hints
These guidelines provide a comprehensive approach for addressing a wide range of health challenges beyond epidemic pathogenic outbreaks. Feel free to use this approach whenever you feel it will be helpful with your PIC work. All you have to do is insert the "cootie" or disease of your choice.

Also, if needed you can expand the focus for #2A: "For moving _________ out of my system and for shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness and treatment."

Should you wake up one morning to discover you're sick as a dog and you don't know why, use this as the PIC focus for #2A: "I'm sick."

Here's to your health, 

For those using the Microbial Balancing Program (MBP):

When working with the MBP, you have a choice on how you include PIC.
1) You can work with PIC on its own and once the PIC retests are completed, then kick in the MBP.
2) You can work with PIC and MBP simultaneously but separately.
3) You can work with the MBP first and then turn to PIC after you've completed all of your MBP follow-ups.
Test to find out which of these three options is the best way to go for you and the situation you're in. When testing the MBP, you can use the same wording for the focus as you used for your PIC focus.