Update: March 2019

PIC: There for you all day, every day. Just ask.

PIC Librarian

We would like to extend our sincere Thanks! to everyone who has taken the time to tell us how helpful our steady stream of tips, reminders and how-tos have been. We love hearing about your successes, and when you're unsure or stuck, we are happy to help you keep moving forward with your Perelandra tools and working with nature.

One amazing option we talk about a lot is the Perelandra Information Center or PIC. Maybe you're wondering about PIC, maybe you're using PIC for yourself but had no idea you could also use it for your animals, your home, your work . . . anything, really. So here's our question:

Do you really know PIC?

Everyone is invited to enter PIC (pronounced "pick"). Thanks to Machaelle and nature, this resource is always there for you — all day, every day.

The Perelandra Information Center blows open your access to the complete body of information and understanding behind all of the Perelandra Essences, and every Perelandra Solution. This complete range of information is available to you without alteration or compromise. It is straight, clear and customized to each person. It even provides a personalized classroom for you to gain understanding about the products you use and how they address your issues and needs.

PIC takes us into a new world and a new level of information sharing. It is singular in its simplicity, breadth and depth. You do not have to buy every bottle to use it. And no matter how complicated you tend to make things (you're not alone on that one), PIC is still easy to use.

There are two parts to this: The PIC Classroom and PIC List Testing. Here is a brief introduction to each section and a link to more details including examples, plus a step-by-step of how to do it.

The PIC Classroom

You can ask the PIC Classroom for the insight you need about any Perelandra Essence, Set or Solution.

You can ask for help on which Perelandra Solutions are best to start with for supporting your overall health, or for addressing a new or chronic issue.

You can ask for understanding on why it's actually more helpful not to have individual Perelandra Essence definitions. (Seriously, ask PIC! You'll be more satisfied with the personalized answer.)

Questions You Could Ask the PIC Classroom »

PIC List Testing

With PIC List Testing, you can use the Perelandra bottled products to help you address darn near anything, including:

Your personal health and balance, or a specific new or chronic issue; the balance and well-being of your environment; the latest home insect invasion; your dog's or cat's overall balance; your cockatoo's separation anxiety; the functional balance of any project or goal. . . .

We repeat: You do not need to have every bottle to start PIC List Testing!

A Step-by-Step Walk Through PIC List Testing »

The PIC Booklet

We encourage you to learn about PIC directly from the person who developed it: Machaelle Wright! The PIC Brochure is always free online.

It's a 44 page PDF file. We suggest you spread out the reading into these five sections as you find time over the weekend:

  1. An Introduction from Machaelle

  2. About the Classroom, with an example

  3. About PIC List Testing, including a blank list

  4. PIC List Testing for Environments or Soil-less Gardens (Projects)

  5. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If reading something on a computer screen is just not your thing, you can order a printed PIC Brochure booklet here.