Final Comments on PKTT

PKTT is like any tool: The more you practice, the better you become at using it. Practice helps you get over the initial “this-is-weird-and-the-damned-testing-isn’t working” stage. The only way I know to get over this hump is to practice testing. It is impossible to reason yourself over the hump. (Many have tried and have failed miserably.) Through practice you will develop clarity in your testing, you’ll learn your personal pitfalls and you will fine-tune your technique. The good news: Because you’ll be testing the Perelandra Essences frequently, you have a built-in opportunity for lots of practice. And you’ll be multitasking: You’ll be improving your health by using the Perelandra Essences to address a circuit problem while practicing PKTT. In no time, you’ll move through the beginner’s learning curve and become comfortable with both PKTT and the Essences. Oh yes, and you’ll end up feeling healthier as well.

In teaching PKTT, I have found that something interesting happens to many people when they are learning it. Every block, doubt, question, concern and personal challenge they have, when faced head-on with something perceived as unconventional, comes right to the surface. It is as if the physical tool of PKTT itself forces all those hurdles to show up. So they learn PKTT right away and are using it well. Then, all of a sudden it is not working for them and they are tormented with self-doubt. When they tell me about it, I realize that the thing they do differently now that they didn’t do at first is double-checking their answers — and rechecking, and rechecking, and doing it again, and again . . . Each time the answers vary or the fingers get mushy and they get a definite maybe. Self-doubt is driving both the double-checking and the answers.

Well, again the issue is not PKTT. The real issue is why they are suddenly doing all this rechecking business. What has surfaced for them are questions around their ability to do PKTT and their belief that such unconventional things really do happen — and are happening to them. They are now facing a wall of self-doubt and a major lack of self-confidence.

This happens to most of us to one degree or another as we learn PKTT and how to work with the Perelandra Essences. It’s important not to be hard on yourself when you realize it’s happening to you. The only way I know to get over this hurdle is to defy it — keep testing the Essences and stop all double-checking. Take whatever Essences test positive in the first test and observe your health improvements. That’s your verification that the testing is accurate. The successful results eliminate self-doubt and give you back your confidence. The alternative is to succumb to fear and stop working with PKTT and the Essences. But that doesn’t accomplish anything. So take the plunge and stop the double-checking.

As I have worked through the years to refine my ability to use kinesiology, nature has provided many occasions when I have had to follow through on answers that made no sense at all to me. Doing this and looking at the results with a critical eye is the only way I know to learn about ourselves as kinesiology testers and to discover the different nuances and uses of because the circuits that are related to this Essence are balanced, strong and do not need repair. Consequently, the Essence pattern isn’t doing anything and the electric system sees it as a benign presence or excess baggage. Getting rid of an unneeded pattern is an act of your electric system’s strength and a natural response when it is dealing with anything that does not add to the body’s health and balance. In short, as far as PKTT and the Perelandra Essences are concerned, you and your electric system experience no adverse effects from a mistake. The only thing you’ll notice is that the health problem you are trying to address will only partially improve or go unchanged because you’re not working with the correct Essences.

One last suggestion: Give yourself about a year to develop a strong confidence with PKTT. You’ll be able to use it right away and test Essences right away. But over time and with practice you’ll feel a PKTT gracefulness set in. The testing will feel natural and will move quickly and smoothly for you.

This information is an excerpt from the book Co-Creative Science by Machaelle Small Wright.