MAP and Calibration
by Barbara Cockrell

As a relatively new participant in MAP I have been deeply moved by this avenue of co-creative work. As fast as I bring something to my team (an issue of personal growth or a physical problem), they clear it, provide insight and lighten my heart with their very welcome sense of humor. Often when I connect with them, it takes the form of a hug, and I feel myself smiling and sometimes crying tears of joy at the same time.

What I wish to share with others is an interesting twist that occurred when I first did a Calibration. Over the last four years I have been involved in a relationship with a man who was first a wonderful friend, and later a romantic partner. We had come to the point of deciding to live together and had been house-hunting for several months. One morning last week, however, he backed out. He listed all of the things about me that he finds unacceptable and said he wanted to continue our relationship, but not live together. Mentally, I could understand all this and accept it. I had been married for 20 years prior to this relationship, and I knew the adjustments required for two people to learn to function together in a partnership. I was willing to be open to his perceptions. He, on the other hand, had never been married, and I sensed that he was coming upon something that was unknown territory and therefore frightening.

Maybe I was mentally okay about his abrupt back-pedaling, but my emotions were something else. My heart had dropped and hung there heavily despite all my attempts to get past the hurt I felt. That morning at work I had to make multiple copies of a large manuscript. For two days the copier had been jamming every now and then. On this day, however, it began to jam on every second or third sheet. I had to keep stopping, clearing the jam, and restarting the paper flow. All the while I was focused on the situation with this man, assessing all that he had said he found unacceptable about me, and trying to keep from bursting into tears about it all over this malfunctioning machine. The thought hit me to try a Calibration. I opened a coning and asked about it, explaining that I was at work and would have to do some moving around in the process. That was fine and I was given the go-ahead for a Calibration right there as I worked with the copy machine. Within minutes my heart lifted and I experienced the clearest, purest, most peaceful sensation I've ever known. I caught myself smiling. Simultaneously, the copier stopped jamming.

At first I wondered if Pan had fixed the copier, and then I wondered if the machine had been reflecting/manifesting my dysfunction. Certainly I had been "jamming" over and over emotionally. I checked with Pan about it and was told it was the latter. As I cleared, the machine cleared. I had known as an intellectual concept that matter responds to and reflects our state of being, but I had never seen such inescapable proof of it. (Interesting phenomenon to apply to car repairs. What might our cars be reflecting about ourselves?)

Just as a side note, following the Calibration I became aware that the issues this man had brought up in reference to me were issues in himself that he had to deal with and had nothing to do with me. He was projecting them onto me, so the work that needed to be done was in him, not in me.

In closing I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Machaelle for opening the door to co-creative partnership with nature and allowing all of us to move into this new area and our rightful positioning. I've known for a number of years that it's no mistake that we're all here on this Earth level at this time and that we have the responsibilities to assist the shift into the new Aquarian dynamic. Before encountering Machaelle's work, I didn't understand how to accomplish this purpose. Now it is becoming more clear to me everyday.