MAP and Microbial Balancing Program

As a traditionally trained psychotherapist who has, for the past seven years, studied and integrated innovative ways of working into my life and my practice, I was very curious about the MAP book a colleague shared with me. I had long been a student of astrology and had learned various healing systems that dealt with the invisible world. The concepts and definitions in MAP were, therefore, easy for me to grasp and be open to.

Additionally, I had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C eight years ago. Hepatitis C is a chronic viral infection that remains in the blood and can cause liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. Allopathic medicine offered to me the solution of using interferon, a drug that was guaranteed to make me very ill, but only provided a 20 percent promise of cure. I was unwilling to do that. I was quite ill the first four years after I was diagnosed; basically I worked and then reclined, aching, feeling bone tired, and wondering if living life like that was worth it. When my physician reached peak frustration with me for not being willing to try interferon, he decided I should try antidepressants. My anger at him around this suggestion compelled me to look for other solutions. I had many hands-on healings, which, combined with acupuncture, seemed to help me round a corner. I was no longer so sick and was able to function quite well, despite an almost daily awareness that I was not quite right.

I began working with MAP about one year ago. It took only the scanning session and one regular session to greatly impress me. In fact, I was so convinced of its effectiveness that I delved into learning about other co-creative processes and am now maintaining a soil-less business garden and am also using Microbial Balancing in relationship to the Hepatitis C. My experiences have been profound, and I am very grateful for an approach to life that includes partnering with nature and a practical down to earth understanding of manifestation.

MAP came into my life when I was having difficulty with my youngest son who is seventeen. He has a very unusual syndrome that affects his ability to learn, read social cues, and learn from experience. Additionally, he can be quite argumentative. I had tried, unsuccessfully, for five years to get him special educational services. Needless to say, I was frequently worried about him. My first regular MAP session focused on my concerns about my son. The next morning I awoke from a dream that contained vivid symbols which compelled me to action and may have saved my son's life. One might say MAP entered my life with a bang. Over time, I found my sessions would deeply calm me after an emotional upset, rid me of headaches, improve most physical discomforts, and help me detach from chaos and that which I cannot control. As I continued to share my history with my team, I received an insight that I might need to do some psychotherapy myself (an idea that was rather abhorrent to me since that was something I had not done for over ten years). I kept checking and rechecking the kinesiology, and it kept telling me that I should contact my former therapist. To be honest, I wasn't sure why I was doing this. I knew it had something to do with parenting. Before each psychotherapy session I would do a MAP session and would ask for images to help me know how to proceed. I would open a coning during the therapy session and would then have a follow-up MAP session afterward. In the follow-up MAP session, I asked questions about whether I had addressed all that I needed to and would, at times, get information about something I may have omitted which I needed to address. I kept notes. It was fascinating to see what issues were interrelated and how I was guided to the heart of things. During this time I also did one bodywork session weekly with a coning open. It was clear that this complimented the emotional work. After only six weeks, I had finished the process and felt I had completed a huge chunk of work. Words cannot capture the depth of this work or how it has freed me from some lifelong patterns.

I also want to share some MAP experiences I had with my son. Although my son was 16, the syndrome he has is one of pervasive developmental delay (some see it bearing some connection to autism), and for that reason I chose to surrogate MAP with him. It was emphasized in my own MAP session that because my son was very sensitive and very willful, I was not to surrogate without his permission. My son agreed to try MAP and could immediately feel the effects of the coning. The "weight" and movement in the room during his first session was very tangible. I asked what I needed to do for him and through kinesiology was instructed to see a developmental optometrist who works with autism. I also tested that traditional avenues of help were not appropriate for him. When we went to see the optometrist, my son had to undergo over five hours of testing. He did this in a coning, and we used flower essences to stabilize him. For the entire time, he maintained focus and was good humored. Most importantly, the findings of the optometrist provided the needed evidence for the school to reevaluate my son's need for special education. During the process of this reevaluation, my son would open conings so his team could observe. (While I wasn't sure about whether this was in the domain of MAP, as his emotional welfare was certainly at stake, I figured it couldn't hurt.) Specialists from the highest levels were pulled into this, and nine people sat and debated his case for four hours. They opened the meeting by saying they wanted to work from the heart. They concluded the meeting with hugs. (In previous pre-MAP evaluations, the meetings were cold and impersonal.) After five years of struggling to get his needs met, my son was placed in special education classes and has passed all of the courses he was failing. At this point, I feel he is equipped to use MAP if he chooses and no longer needs me to surrogate. As I was learning MAP, I also began using flower essences. For the first several weeks, I felt a buzz, as though my wiring was being turned on. I telegraphed tested for various symptoms of Hepatitis and other problems as they came up. I found the essences to be very helpful. I continue to do daily essence testing.

I then went on to working with soil-less gardens after watching Machaelle's video. I was about to establish a business partnership with my friend and colleague, and we both wanted to create a garden. This garden included many activities, but it initially focused on our psychotherapy practices. We briefly opened a coning, and I asked if it was appropriate to get some assistance with choosing a time to become a legal partnership. I got a yes, and we wrote our DDP. As an astrologer, I knew, in general, what energies would be compatible with our DDP. I could not know exactly however, so I generated five charts. Each chart established our partnership to begin at a different time. During the initial coning, I set the five charts on the ground and used kinesiology to determine what chart was best for us. We have a very good-humored attorney who was willing to come to my home so we could sign the partnership agreement at the exact minute. The chart that was chosen was not necessarily the chart I would have picked from an intellectual standpoint. At any rate, once we were a legal partnership, we began gardening in earnest. During the calibration process, I saw myself as a frog leaping from one lily pad to another as each became apparent. After establishing the garden, both of our practices totally transformed. Clients who were more open to innovative ways of working began to come to us in greater numbers. We had regular business meetings within conings and received guidance on what books and chapters to read before the next meeting. It was uncanny that, in this way, we knew how to handle problems as they came up, or were prepared to participate in the Solstice or Equinox rituals. In our business conings, we also sought counsel about advertising and all other decisions, attempting to transfer soil garden processes to our soil-less garden.

Six months after we had established the garden, all my new clients that had appeared after the garden was established had disappeared. This was highly unusual for me. So I asked in our regular business meeting if I needed to do a troubleshooting process. I needed to, and I did. It was necessary for me to do some energy cleansing processes but also to have the garden calibrated and myself calibrated to the garden. I did these processes on a Wednesday. Thursday I got two new clients (never get calls on Thursdays) and then six more over the next week. To understand the magnitude of this, I must explain I tend to work long term and in depth, and for the past nine years, I would often get six or seven new clients in one year.

I have had over twenty new clients in the nine months following establishing the garden. I am working exactly the number of hours I feel I can handle with balance. My clients are well suited to the garden's DDP. Absolutely amazing! Finally, I have been using the Microbial Balancing Program. I just returned from the Microbial Balancing Workshop and can now correct or fine-tune some of what I have been doing. When I have had the flu and used Microbial Balancing, my symptoms have been reduced at least 50 percent by the following day, and I have missed no work. I need to balance microbes in relationship to the Hepatitis C on an ongoing basis, and I have noted improvement in my vitality and sense of wellness. I look forward to getting more specific with the charts that have been added to the program.

I have to admit that despite my intellectual acceptance of co-creative science principles, I have been truly blown away with the results of the work. I have felt that nature has been most anxious to partner, and have also felt a great relief that I no longer have to obsess about the "how." The learning curve involved in understanding and integrating these processes into life has meant a willingness to invest much time and effort. The rewards of this investment have far surpassed anything I could have imagined.

S.W., Wisconsin