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Update: May 2018

One Bite at a Time MAP Series, Part 3
Misconceptions and Misinformation About MAP

In MAP, besides working with nature intelligence, you also work with the medical unit of the White Brotherhood. This is an old term for a very old service organization, not a name that Machaelle invented. For those who are familiar with MAP, it's clear the White Brotherhood is as far from racism and sexism as you can get. But it seems a few people missed this information in our first MAP article last week and we can understand why someone new to the program would have questions. It is important for anyone who bristles at the name "White Brotherhood" to read this message from Machaelle:

I'll freely admit that the name can make one's eyes cross. Since publishing MAP in 1990, several people have written me questioning, and sometimes complaining about, that name. They want to make sure this isn't some white supremacist or sexist organization before buying MAP and getting into the program.

Actually, I'm pleased to see people practicing discernment when it comes to stuff like this. The White Brotherhood is neither. It includes males, females and souls beyond both persuasions, and they can outdo us any day when it comes to color.

The name "White Brotherhood" has been used for this group for centuries. We did not coin the name here at Perelandra. It was coined by those folks on the Earth level who first began to consciously work with this group. It is not a name the Brotherhood chose for itself. It is a name we chose for it. The words "white brotherhood" maintained the integrity and intent of the group, so it has always been acceptable to them. "White" is used to signify all the rays of the light spectrum. "Brotherhood" is used to signify not only the family of all people but also the family of all life.

The White Brotherhood has an actual job description. It is a large group of highly evolved souls and intelligences who are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. They hold the major patterning and rhythms being utilized for the shift we are all currently going through from the Piscean to the Aquarian era.

If the name sticks in your throat and causes you a problem in deciding whether or not you would like to participate in MAP, here's what I suggest. Put aside your objections temporarily. Start the program and allow yourself enough time to get comfortably settled in. This should take four to six weeks, at most. Once you are settled, address your objections to the name "White Brotherhood." If you still have objections, consider what name you would feel comfortable with that would maintain the intent of this vast group. Ask your MAP team if your name is acceptable to use when you are referring to this group. Unless you are way off base with your name, I'm sure they will have no objections. They will just need to know that when you say "Purple Peoplehood" or "Neutral Androgynyhood," you mean them.

One other point: Your special name for the White Brotherhood is between you and them. It would be neither helpful nor accurate to feel your name is for everyone and announce it to others. Not all of us have a problem with the name nor do we seek to change it. It would be more helpful to allow others to make their own decisions and work on their own with their team around this issue.

Now on to misinformation spread by "well-meaning" folks who use MAP and want to share it with others. We occasionally get calls from people concerned about a recommendation they've gotten about MAP from a friend or acquaintance because it's not consistent with the information Machaelle has published. Sometimes the information just doesn't seem quite "right." Or worse, sometimes it causes serious confusion and throws them off track with their personal MAP work. And sometimes it's downright dangerous information that in no way represents how MAP functions. We've even had instances of alternative health practitioners disseminating misinformation about MAP.

Any time you have concerns about what you were told about MAP, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you haven't read it in the MAP book or on the Perelandra website, heard it on Machaelle's MAP Workshop DVD or gotten the information directly from Perelandra, and it sounds kinda fishy to you, it probably is. These points from Machaelle address the misconceptions we hear most often:

Over the years we have become aware of several people who are running around telling others that there is a "new MAP," and they just happen to be the one chosen to inform everyone about the MAP changes. They've even said that the MAP teams haven't yet told me about the changes. Then they proceed to scare the bejesus out of people by telling them things like they are being attacked and taken over by aliens and the MAP teams want them to keep their coning open twenty-four hours a day for the rest of their lives. Here are some facts about MAP that I hope will put you at ease.

  • MAP will never give a third party any information about your personal health conditions or about your personal work with MAP.

  • If someone tells you they are giving you information about your MAP work from your MAP team or from Lorpuris, they are making it up or they are delusional.

  • MAP will not tell you to ignore your doctor's advice or medical diagnosis. And the MAP teams will never tell you not to seek medical attention.

  • It is critical that you seek appropriate medical attention when you need it, and when you have a health concern that is serious and you are unsure about what is wrong or how to address it.

THE HEAD OF THE MAP PROGRAM IS LORPURIS, the head of the White Brotherhood Medical Unit. I speak with him daily. He's not going to change the MAP program without telling me about it. It's not as if we don't talk to one another and he hasn't gotten around to telling me this news.

Lorpuris is not on anyone's MAP team, no matter how emphatically someone might insist he is. Lorpuris will not give information about MAP to anyone other than me. To be clear, Lorpuris oversees the entire MAP program and is not a member of any individual MAP team. He runs the program and coordinates all the personnel who make up the MAP teams.

MAP HAS A BUILT-IN PROTECTION. It was decided prior to the program "going public" that any changes or modifications would come through Perelandra. This is not because we at Perelandra claim a monopoly on MAP. It is to avoid confusion among MAP users. Without this coordination anyone could announce changes to the program, and everyone would have to figure out whose changes were legitimate and whose were not, creating a fair amount of chaos in the program.

If there are any changes to MAP, I will be the first to know and we will be sure to get the information to you via the Perelandra website, Perelandra Facebook page and our email lists.

MAP WAS DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE THE WIDE RANGE OF APPROACHES that are needed for the many different people who participate in the program. In part, this was done so that the teams would not have to modify the program for a long time. MAP has not become obsolete and the teams do not anticipate needing to change it for many years to come. Certainly not in our lifetime or in our children's lifetime . . . or in their children's lifetime.

INDIVIDUALIZED CARE. Because MAP is set up to meet individual needs, it is not unusual for one team's approach and work to be quite different from how the other teams work. It is important that we not confuse what is unique about our personal MAP work and think it is what everyone else needs to do or that it is a sign of wholesale changes in the program.

VICTIMS OF MAP SCAMS. If you know someone who has been "taken in" by would-be MAP changes, suggest to them to go back to using the program as it is outlined in the book. They need to talk to their team about the frustrations they are having with MAP that made them open to suggestions to changing the program in the first place. When someone deliberately attempts to shift the MAP session setup outside the structure of the program, their team will not continue to work with them. Instead, whenever a MAP coning is opened the team will attempt to bring the person back to understanding what MAP is about and stabilize the person until he is ready to participate in the program as it has been set up. No matter how hard a person tries, he cannot manipulate a MAP team to operate in ways the team does not wish to operate.

If you have gotten caught up with someone else's ideas about how MAP should be used and you are still confused after reading this, please email or call us at Perelandra right away so that we can help you get back on track.

To work with MAP correctly and effectively, you MUST have a copy of the book, MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Wright. In it, Machaelle gives clear guidelines for working with your MAP team to address your general health; any specific illness, disease or condition; injuries (serious or small); mental health; emotional health; and overall well-being. She answers questions about what can happen during a MAP session and clarifies what won't happen. She explains how to work with MAP for emergencies or regular visits to the doctor, surrogating MAP for your children, how to work with MAP if you are a doctor or health practitioner and more.

Also, Perelandra is not affiliated with any forums, Facebook groups, other websites or organizations. We do not monitor the activities or discussions of any groups. And we do not endorse anyone's information or activities outside of Perelandra, Ltd. If you are participating in a group that discusses Perelandra processes or products and have any questions or concerns about the information or advice given, contact us directly at Perelandra.

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