I have a nifty "proof" story to relate because I'm really pleased and excited. I am only in my second year of co-creative intent and like many others, oscillate between frustration at not understanding, and bursts of clarity.

The Incident
Our house has twelve steps up to a landing at the kitchen door. Some time ago, while gardening underneath this area, I noticed a small spot that I thought was mud under one of the planks. Several days later, I noticed bald-faced hornets in the area and a paper nest about the size of a tennis ball where the spot had been.

Since this is our primary entrance/exit, we had a dilemma. My husband and I had literally been on the receiving end from hornets some years back (pun intended!). After the momentary panic and old headset, I decided to try to strike a bargain, to achieve a win-win situation. Looking up hornets in the encyclopedia and insect books was not reassuring. Adjectives like nervous, irritable, aggressive, and angry added an historical dimension.

I connected with the Deva of Bald-faced Hornets, explained our position of wanting to be able to co-exist peacefully. They were welcome and we wanted to learn from watching them, however, we were anxious because we did not want to be stung.

Thoughts kept popping into my head and my old "am I doing this?" surfaced. It took a couple of deep breaths on my part and outstanding patience on the part of the Deva while concentrated on the business at hand.

We seem to have a working bargain as follows: My husband and I can continue to use the back door as long as we tread lightly on the stairs. I can be in the gardens underneath and in close proximity to the area.

For their part, they have stayed calm and not threatened or stung us or our guests. As of this writing, the nest is half-again bigger than a basketball, an exquisite piece of engineering and beautiful to look at.

Two specific incidents during this period have made me realize that we really do have a working agreement. My son came to visit a couple of weeks after our "chat." He came in the evening, gallumphing up the stairs two-at-a-time and a welcoming committee met him at the landing. When I opened the door to let him in, hornets came also while others bounced against the closed screen door. I made him stand still and not bash the ones inside, and I opened quickly to the deva, nature spirits, and anyone who would listen. I apologized and suggested that if the hornets would come to the door, I would let them out and we would try very hard not to make their house tremble again. They did, I did, and my son went out the garage door when he left.

The other incident was a very good example to show me how my energy affects the environment. After an argument, I left by the garage door and started to walk past the area of the nest, perhaps six feet away. I casually glanced over and almost had a heart attack. It looked like every hornet in the hive was heading straight at me. Two bounced off my head but none landed, and I mentally shouted, "Hey, wait a minute!," and ran back into the garage. They did not follow. While I sat in the garage and tried to calm down, I realized it was probably the anger that I was carrying that attracted them to me. I sent out a mental thank you for the lesson and for not being hurt in the process.

We have become protective of their right to be here, against all comments from others. Although these folks question our sanity, it is a good opportunity for a little education.

The latest building, in addition to restructuring the entrance of the hive and enlarging the circumference, is on top of the landing fifteen inches from the door. It means we walk within inches of where they are building. The trust builds each time we send out greetings and walk quietly past with no incident.

When the forecast called for heavy rain (at long last!), I asked if I could help protect the nest construction by putting a large rectangular pan over the area. I felt perhaps I was interfering, but the offer was accepted and I was told when to remove it.

What seemed in the beginning to be an imposition had turned into one of the nicest gifts of the summer. Hornets are not butterflies, however, and not a moment goes by when I am in the area that I am not aware of their ferocious potential and they have my total respect.

There is more to come since I have been told to remove the nest in the dead of winter after a heavy freeze. I would like to present it to a school class, but I need to know first where the hornets go in the winter. More questions to be answered.

That's it. Between the gardens, essences, MAP, and general usage of the energy processes for other things, I am getting more confident. I still have a hard time "seeing" energy, I seem to feel it in my body, and my palm tickles and tingles when I offer balancers and stabilizers to Pan. Such a joy!

My thanks again for making the technique available to make the connection I knew was there all my life. I'm having fun!

— N. F., Connecticut