Perelandra Decoder Ring

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You've found the Perelandra decoder ring — the place where we unlock the mysteries of those terms you've never heard before and those strange two- and three-letter abbreviations you see all over our web site!

We know we use a lot of abbreviations and terms at Perelandra that are new to most folks — words that Machaelle has coined and that we sometimes use in a specialized way relevant to what we offer. And well, these words and phrases can sometimes leave you completely confused. So we decided to give all of you a break and help you out with some of the unusual vocabulary you'll find on our web pages. These are the short answers. You can link to the full explanation of each term by clicking on it.

And if you use the decoder ring, read the long definitions and are still sitting there saying, "HUH?" call our Question Hot Line and we'll be happy to help it all make sense.

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CO- CREATIVE = A method of working in partnership with nature intelligences which emphasizes balance and teamwork.

CONING = A balanced vortex of conscious energy — a "conference call" used to work with nature intelligence with stability, clarity and balance.

DDP = definition, direction, purpose (what we humans provide in the co-creative partnership)
This is explained in the Soil-less Garden Companion and DVD 3: Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens.

DEVA = An intelligence level in nature that functions as the architects within all of form. (See What Is Nature Intelligence? 1 mb PDF)

DRAM = 1/8 ounce (No, there's no link here. Do you really need more information about this?!)

E-BOOK = An electronic book that can be read on your computer or other electronic reading device like a Kindle or iPad or iPhone or Nook . . .

ENERGY CLEANSING = a process designed by nature to remove stagnant emotional energy that is out of time and place in the environment and move that energy onto the next step of its evolutionary journey.

EoP = Essence of Perelandra

ETS = Emergency Trauma Solution

KINESIOLOGY = A method of discerning the strength or weakness of an individual body's electrical system through the use of muscle testing. (See PKTT.)

MAP = Medical Assistance Program

MBP = Microbial Balancing Program

MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions

MIASMS = Energy realities that exist independently of and within life systems.

N.S. SHIFT = Working with nature intelligence to move the energy of a particular form from one place to another, such as an Essence of Perelandra NS Application.

NATURE = A massive intelligent consciousness group that expresses and functions within the many areas of involution, that is, moving soul-oriented consciousness into any dimension or level of form. (That's actually the short answer — for the full definition see What is Nature Intelligence? 1 mb PDF)

PEMS = Physical, Emotions, Mental, Soul

PKTT The Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique. We at Perelandra have taken to pronouncing "PKTT" as "pick-it."

SLG = Soil-less Garden

SOLUTIONS = MBP Balancing Solutions

VOH = Virtual Open House

WHITE BROTHERHOOD = An organization of highly evolved souls who support and assist us by assuring the work we do maintains its forward evolutionary motion.

&#! $@ = exclamatory word of your choice

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Didn't find the word or phrase that made you go "HuH?" Send us an email and let us know. We'll answer you, and maybe even add your word to the list.