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April 2023

Signposts for Added Understanding

Quite a number of years ago, I made the decision to remove our definitions for the Perelandra Essences in the interest of encouraging people to improve their essence selection process by using kinesiology. I'm pleased to say many people made this leap and have been getting excellent results.

But some of you have refused to make the leap, and that saddens me. Times have changed. Between climate change and environmental disasters, geopolitical disasters, war and pandemics, I felt compelled to revisit that decision I made long ago. So I've decided, after all these years, it's time to give you folks a break based on the deep belief it is much better to move the Perelandra Essences into your health regimen than to keep you from including them because of the absence of the definitions. Let's just say that along with feeling the time is right, I've also been hit with a wave of compassion.

So, surprise! Here are the definitions for all of the Perelandra Essences. However, in the name of accuracy, I've now decided to call them the "Perelandra Essences Signposts." They have never given the full picture of what the Essences can do. Rather, they point you in the direction for each pattern. They are signposts. You are welcome to print them off and use them in good health with my best wishes. I hope this helps.

To those of you who are kinesiology testing the Essences, fantastic. I urge you to continue so that you may better determine what you need. You may combine the testing results with the "definitions" for more insight by testing first for what you need and then reading their signposts.

With best wishes,
Machaelle Wright  




Rose Essences Set

The Rose Essences (set 1) are a set of eight Essences that function with one another to address the electric circuits that support us as we proceed through our normal evolutionary process. As we move forward and address new situations, learning curves, challenges and ideas, there are mechanisms within us that are set in motion to facilitate our periods of growth. The Perelandra Rose Essences balance and strengthen the circuits that support us and our process mechanisms.

GRUSS AN AACHEN: Stability. Balances and stabilizes the body/soul unit on all PEMS levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) as it moves forward in its evolutionary process.

PEACE: Courage. Opens the individual to the inner dynamic of courage that is aligned to universal courage.

ECLIPSE: Acceptance and insight. Enhances the individual's appreciation of his own inner knowing. Supports the mechanism that allows the body to receive the soul's input and insight.

ORANGE RUFFLES: Receptivity. Stabilizes the individual during the expansion of his sensory system.

AMBASSADOR: Pattern. Aids the individual in seeing the relationship of the part to the whole, in perceiving his pattern and purpose.

NYMPHENBURG: Strength. Supports and holds the strength created by the balance of the body/soul fusion and facilitates the ability to regain that balance.

WHITE LIGHTNIN': Synchronized movement. Stabilizes the inner timing of all PEMS levels moving in concert and enhances the body/soul fusion.

ROYAL HIGHNESS: Final stabilization. The mop-up essence that helps to insulate, protect and stabilize the individual and to stabilize the shift during its final stages while the individual is vulnerable.



Garden Essences Set

The Perelandra Garden Essences are a set of eighteen Essences that balance and restore the electric circuits that are needed to address physical, emotional, mental and soul issues that we face in our day-to-day life in today's world.

BROCCOLI: For the power balance that must be maintained when one perceives himself to be under siege from outside. Stabilizes the body/soul unit so the person won't close down, detach and scatter.

CAULIFLOWER: Stabilizes and balances the child during the birth process. Also, stabilizes the body/soul balance in adults.

CELERY: Restores balance in the immune system when it is being overworked or stressed, and during long-term viral or bacterial infections.

CHIVES: Reestablishes the power one has when the internal male/female dynamics are balanced, and the person is functioning in a state of awareness within this balance.

COMFREY: Repairs higher vibrational soul damage that has occurred in the present or a past lifetime.

CORN: Stabilization during universal/spiritual expansion. Assists translation of experience into useful, pertinent understanding and action.

CUCUMBER: Rebalancing during depression. Vital reattachment to life.

DILL: Assists individual in reclaiming power balance one has released to others. Releases victimization.

NASTURTIUM: Restores vital physical life energy during times of intense mental-level focus.

OKRA: Returns ability to see the positive in one's life and environment.

SALVIA: Restores emotional stability during times of extreme stress.

SNAP PEA: Rebalances child or adult after a nightmare. Assists in ability to translate daily experience into positive, understandable process.

SUMMER SQUASH: Restores courage to the person who experiences fear and resistance when faced with daily routine. Releases shyness and phobia issues.

SWEET BELL PEPPER: Restores inner peace, clarity and calm when faced with stressful times. Stabilizes body/soul balance during times of stress.

TOMATO: Cleansing. Assists the body in shattering and throwing off that which is causing infection or disease.

YELLOW YARROW: Supplies emotional protection during vulnerable times. Its support softens resistance and assists the integration process.

ZINNIA: Reconnects one to the child within. Restores playfulness, laughter, joy and a sense of healthy priorities.

ZUCCHINI: Helps restore physical strength during convalescence.



Rose Essences II Set

The Rose Essences II are eight Essences that address the electric system's support during a deep expansion experience. Here, one is not simply processing ordinary, everyday changes and challenges. When faced with this kind of expansion, we are required to function in new ways, and with patterns and rhythms yet to be experienced. The Rose Essences II set addresses that phenomenon by balancing and stabilizing the electric system and its circuits that support all deep-expansion activity.

BLAZE IMPROVED CLIMBING ROSE: Softens and relaxes first the central nervous system and then the body as a whole, thus allowing the input from an expansion experience to be appropriately sorted, shifted and integrated within the body.

MAYBELLE STEARNS: Stabilizes and supports the sacrum during an expansion experience.

MR. LINCOLN: Balances and stabilizes the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pulse while it alters its rhythm and patterning to accommodate the expansion.

SONIA: Stabilizes and supports the CSF pulse after it has completed its shift to accommodate the expansion.

CHICAGO PEACE: Stabilizes movement of and interaction among the cranial bones, CSF and sacrum during an expansion experience.

BETTY PRIOR: Stabilizes and balances the rhythm of expansion and contraction of the cranial bones during the expansion.

TIFFANY: Stabilizes the cranials as they shift their alignment to accommodate the input and impulses of expansion.

OREGOLD: Stabilizes and balances the cranials, central nervous system, CSF and sacrum after an expansion process is complete.



Nature Program Essences Set

The Nature Program Essences are a set of nine Essences that address and reestablish an electric system's balance in two ways: (1) They strengthen the system in relation to the body's important microbial populations. (2) Sobopla, Moon and Bowl Essences address the electric system's and body's balance in light of its relationship to the larger environmental picture.

V-1, OR F-1, OR B-1: Restore the body's environment to balance when its imbalance is creating a corresponding viral, fungal or bacterial imbalance. They also restore the body's environment to balance once a corresponding viral, fungal or bacterial imbalance is present and impacting the body.

V-2, OR F-2, OR B-2: Restore a state of appropriate balance within the living viral, fungal or bacterial organisms so that they may once again relate to and interact with their larger host organism (body) in an appropriately balanced and environmentally sound manner.

SOBOPLA: (So-bo´-pla) This essence balances and stabilizes the dynamic triangle that is created by the relationship and interaction between the soul, its physical body and the planet upon which the body resides. As a result, the soul, body and planet become one, strong, fully functioning triangular unit. Sobopla also balances and stabilizes the physical seating of the body/soul unit to the planet.

MOON: Balances, stabilizes and, as a result, strengthens the connections and links between specific elements within each living organism on this planet and the corresponding elements that are part of the Moon.

BOWL: Links humans and all other living organisms to the heart and soul impulses of the planet. Also synchronizes the human/living organism with the heart and soul impulses of the planet and the universe, thus supporting the evolutionary process of the human/living organism moving in tandem with the universe into the Aquarian era.



Soul Ray Essences Set

The Soul Ray Essences have been developed to balance and stabilize the body's electric system and circuits that are connected with and support an individual's soul-level activity. They also address the circuits that support an individual's development towards conscious awareness of this activity, as well as the circuits that support the integration of the soul-level activity with the physical, emotions and mental levels. Without balanced electrical support, the electric circuits can become overloaded and overwhelmed. This will result in discomfort, disorientation, pain and disorder on the physical, emotions and mental levels. What I have found surprising about the Soul Ray Essences is how often they are needed. We may not understand just why we need these Essences but, after using them for a short time, we will definitely understand how much they help us recover our balance when we experience problems on any PEMS levels. (PEMS = Physical, Emotions, Mental, Soul)

#1: Balances and stabilizes the full body as it identifies, processes and integrates its ability to function in a broader, more expanded range.

#2: Balances the sensory system of each level the individual is opening to, stabilizes the system within those levels and supports the full, expanded system as it functions as a unit.

#3: Balances and stabilizes the interplay and interrelationship among the various pertinent levels of the central nervous system.

#4: Restores the balance and stability of the electrical system on each level that the individual is opening to. Addresses the electrical system on each of those levels as an independently functioning system.

#5: Balances and stabilizes the interplay and interaction between the various pertinent levels of the electrical system.

#6: Supports, balances and stabilizes the interplay and interrelationship among the pertinent levels of the brain. As a result, this essence facilitates the useful sharing of experiences and information among the appropriate levels of the brain, as well as the corresponding physical body changes that must take place for support.

#7: Balances and stabilizes the refracted soul heart links and, as a result, solidifies the sense of home base.

#8: Provides the support needed for understanding who one is and one's relationship to the many different levels and activities participated in. Provides the internal support for maintaining that balance.