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A radically different and extraordinarily effective
health program that addresses all
infectious disease and microbial imbalances.

The Microbial Balancing Program (MBP) connects humans and nature in a new and intimate way. In this program, human health and balance are achieved by focusing not on the human, but on the health and balance of the vast and vibrant population of living organisms called microbes.

Up to now, we have developed a highly adversarial relationship with viruses, fungi, bacteria and protozoa. We control them by killing them. After all, we humans are a lot bigger than they are and killing the "little buggers" should not be an issue for us. In the Microbial Balancing Program, we turn 180 degrees from this thinking and deal with human health issues by cooperating with and ensuring the balance and well being of the "little buggers." We make peace, not war. . . .

Instead of attempting to dominate and control viruses, fungi, bacteria and protozoa, we can use cooperation and care. We can change our attitude and how we approach our relationship with microbes. As a result of our changes, we can turn infectious disease on its ear.

To use the Microbial Balancing Program, you will need the Perelandra Essences and items from the Expanded Balancing Kit. Read this special message from Machaelle that explains your options.

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The Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program will change the way you think about microbes, and give you an extraordinary tool for addressing any infection (serious or small) that you may be experiencing with amazing efficiency and success. The Manual is a joy to read and use. It's fun, interactive, easy on the eyes and beautifully designed — it's truly alive and dancing with friendly microbes.

  • Amazing facts and figures about microbes
  • Streamlined and simplified processes
  • Full process steps in every section (i.e., no flipping around to find information)
  • Specific tips on how to approach testing the MBP in different situations
  • More than 100 photos and diagrams to demonstrate steps, processes and working with the chart
  • More than 30 sample charts
  • Phase 1 Testing and expanded use of this process for sudden illness and injury
  • MBP Telegraph Testing explained step-by-step
  • Expanded information on working with animals and the environment
  • Quick reference steps
  • Handy "supplies needed" lists with each process
  • Plenty of Machaelle's trademark humor to keep you laughing while you learn
  • . . . and all you need for motivation to integrate the Microbial Balancing Program into your life!

"Just wanted to pass along that I adopted the use of the MBP in 2001, and though from your perspective it might look like I'm not using the Program, I have been consistently doing so all along. I buy my supplies in bulk and now just use the program as necessary after a couple of initial very intensive years of using it nearly every day. I'm sure there are others like me out there, and just wanted express my appreciation. To let you know that, having gotten comfortable with the Program, I don't plan ever to be without it. Though the balancing solutions are no doubt helpful to me, the use of the hands-on Program has so often amazed me with its immediate and sometimes astonishing effects — and let's face it, I love to be hands-on in working on my own health and balance. I am very grateful to have this brilliant tool, and I hope this message convinces many more people to give it a go. It's so worth it and so gratifying to be able to do something tangible to ease my relationship with my microbes and those in the environment. Thank you for offering this." — W.F., Los Angeles, CA


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on 2/22/2012
I have been using Perelandra products for many years, and have had much help. However, recently they have really come into their own! I was diagnosed with Lupus a year ago, along with some heart issues. The result is medications that make it impossible to use immune system support products when I am sick. I was scared! My experience with being sick is that my body goes down hill rapidly with no assistance. However, I discovered that I could fall back on Perelandra. I now use the Microbial Balancing Program as soon as I feel any hint of illness. It seems to arrest the disease process within a day! I also use the Immune function MBP [MBP Immune System Balancing Solution] twice per day. I feel the energy shift every time.
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