May 12, 2023

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New Order Line Hours

We've made some changes! For the last several years, Machaelle has been keeping an eye on the 4-day work week movement. As more and more businesses make this shift to better support the health and well-being of their employees, the results are starting to show.

The 4-day work week is proving itself a benefit to both employees and the businesses they serve. With the dedicated team we have here at Perelandra, we're confident we can continue to provide top notch service to you, our customers. Though you won't be able to reach us live on Fridays, we are still here for you Monday through Thursday. And we'll be giving our all on those days, smiling from our extra time with family, taking care of our homes, our animals and our health.

ringing phone

As of May 1st, our Order Line is answered Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM, eastern time.

At all other times, including on Fridays, you'll be able to leave your orders and order-related questions in our friendly and secure voicemail system. And if you need a return call, we will get back to you on our next regular business day.



New Shipping Schedule

We ship most orders within two business days. This won't change with our new hours. Most orders will still ship within two business days, we just won't be counting Friday as a "business day" from now on.

We understand that sometimes folks have an urgent need for a last-minute rush order. As our regular customers know, we do our level best to accommodate your needs within reason. And we will continue to do so with this new schedule. But we won't be shipping on Fridays (or Saturdays or Sundays), so please plan accordingly.