Perelandra Processes

I have a story about Perelandra products. I was given the first book, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, probably about 15-20 years ago by my godmother. I read it as a young woman in my twenties and loved it. I even used the Energy Cleansing Process a few times and felt great about it. However, as life goes on with two young children and an impending messy divorce, I let what I learned go and forgot about it.

Fast forward to about a couple of years ago when I travelled with my two adult roommates to New York. Although we had fun, we returned with some unwanted house guests — bed bugs. Well, since we thought it was only in one bedroom, the exterminators were called in and of course, monies were paid. Big money I might add. Apparently no one sent a memo to the bed bugs and I began to see them in my room and they were constantly feeding on my younger son, who was completely disgusted. Fortunately, God must have whispered in my ear to revisit Perelandra for guidance. I re-read the first book, ordered a catalog and began to read more and more. I called the customer support and the young lady who helped me gave me advice on where to start. I was unable to afford a purchase of all that she recommended, but I did get the Perelandra Garden Workbook II, ETS for Humans Plus, ETS for Animals, and Essence of Perelandra. With the help of my Garden Workbook II I was able to communicate with the bed bugs, and asked them to stop feeding on my son and go somewhere that we would not run into one another. Well, I can honestly say that it worked. I didn't even have all of the Essences or supplies back then and it still worked. Now if any of you know someone who has had a bed bug problem, you know they don't just disappear quietly. Perhaps Nature had pity on me and appreciated my sincere intention to work with them? What I do know is that I owe the Bed Bugs a huge thanks for bringing me back to working with Nature. I have since read all of Machaelle's books (except the newest one — I have it on my book shelf), and am heavily involved with soil-less gardens. I love it. I owe all of Perelandra a HUGE thanks as well. It saved my sanity and even more! God Bless you Machaelle!!!

— R.J., Atlanta, GA