Perelandra Processes

A friend gave me Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered over 20 years ago. It lit up my brain and has seeped into my life ever since. Of course I bought the [Perelandra] books, gobbling them up, hungrier than I realized for something really real. A very good friend bought me the basic essence sets [Rose and Garden]. I had a garden loosely based on organic principles on a quarter acre of land anchored by a 250 year old maple. My garden was a delightful free for all, beautifully managed in the spring, turning into the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland by August. Nonetheless it made me happy and others saw it as the Garden of Eden. Insight, drawings, essays, poetry, dances with nature spirits, gifts of bird and butterfly birthings filled the seasons supported by my Perelandra library always ready to remind me of a deeper, more true world. Here's the hitch, I am not a very patient person. Of all the processes my most favorite was the Energy Cleansing Process with the sheet and the ribbons. My property was shared by renters and by much bad behavior in its past. The room that I built and from which I enacted the [Energy Cleansing Process] always sparkled but the rest of the property stayed cloudy. Nonetheless I persevered until I was overwhelmed and had to sell out 5 years ago. As I played, more than worked (my discipline is capricious) over the years, with the Perelandra principles I've been given a deeply wonderful perspective and appreciation for life and a sure measuring stick for all kinds of things with the kinesiology testing.

CS Lewis' Perelandra was a very important book, a lifeline in a life crisis in 1966, so the Perelandra nature center already had a place in my heart. Presently I live in a concrete box (condo) by the sea, four stories off the ground. I use MAP and the Calibration Process along with my beloved essences regularly, am still plagued with capriciousness, yet am as entranced as ever by the work of Perelandra. A word about the books: I love biography so, in my opinion, Behaving, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and The Mount Shasta Mission should be required reading for the potentiality in/of our lives. Co-Creative Science and MAP are beacons of a sane and balanced world. The Workbooks are the work horses, steady, sure and reliable, ideal for the practically minded to be attended to and cherished.

Thank you Machaelle for sharing your passion and to you stalwart staff for keeping it all ready for the rest of us.

— P.R., Cape Canaveral, FL