The Perelandra Solutions were developed by Machaelle and nature to address a wide range of special concerns for humans (adults and children) and animals. All of the Solutions are safe and natural, and couldn't be easier to use. Just put the correct number of drops into your mouth.

Instructional information is included with first time orders. If you have any additional questions about these Solutions, give us a call on our Question Hot Line.

Essence of Perelandra
Provides a unique balance that adds strength, stability and support for humans, animals, environments and projects.

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New Annual Solutions Virus Solution & Bacteria Solution
Climate change has changed the world's health. The global microbial population is adjusting and migrating to new areas, causing disparate and more difficult problems for humans. Unfamiliar microbial patterns are flying around the globe and modifying rapidly as humans pass things around. The bottom line: We truly are in a new world. Taking all of this into consideration, Machaelle and nature have answered the challenge, and we have an extraordinary development.

Natural Aging
Connects us to the developmental and maturation process we move through for each of life's stages: birth to young child, adolescence, young adult, middle age, post-middle age, and elderly to death. In this way we can embrace the learning opportunities and experiences each stage offers us. And when we move to the next stage, we have a solid, strong foundation upon which to build the new stage.

Mouth Balancing
Strengthens and supports the unique balance required by the mouth for operating efficiently. This Solution addresses the full range of the mouth's elements. And it ensures the mouth's ability to function efficiently and well.

Joint Health
Provides support and balance to the human body in relation to all elements that are a part of the joints and joint health.

Bites & Stings
Supports our ability to address insect bites and stings, and their resulting challenges. Excellent for those who work, rest and play outdoors.

External Parasites
Supports our ability to address challenges from external parasites from exposure to dirty water, soil and dead or living animals.

Internal Parasites
Supports our ability to address health challenges caused by internal parasites.

Energy Balancing & Stabilizing (EB&S)
Provides support for achieving and maintaining your ideal level of physical activity and concentration, whether you are underactive or overactive. Excellent for adults and children.

Weight Balancing
Provides support for achieving and maintaining your body's ideal weight range whether you are underweight or overweight. Gently shifts your body's related elements and systems as you move toward and then reach your ideal weight.


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These are easy-to-administer oral Solutions given regularly for strengthening and maintaining the health of your dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. The instructions include tips on how to administer the Solutions to finicky cats and dogs.

To get a quick idea of what each of the Solutions for animals addresses, read the corresponding human information above. A full description is on their product pages linked above.