Live Smart

May 15, 2020

We're establishing a community of support with:

Our new team slogan!

Our Front Door

We have a long way to go with this pandemic. To paraphrase Dr. Michael Osterholm's comment in a recent CIDRAP podcast, "We're starting the second inning of a nine-inning game."

Perelandra's way of cheering our team on, countering some of that, "Hell no, I won't consider my neighbor's health and safety" mentality we're seeing locally and in the news, to remind us what's important when we get distracted and to keep us in the game, we have established a new slogan: Live Smart or More Die.

We've put the posters up all around the property here. They are a steady reminder not to back off the safe practices we've put in place — a reminder to Live Smart.

It occurred to us that you would appreciate having and sharing this poster as well. We encourage you to download and print multiple posters. Put one on your front door and more around your house — wherever you'll find it helpful, could use a boost or would like to rally your team onward. You're welcome to print extra copies to share safely with interested neighbors. And of course, send this message (or the PDF inked below) to your friends and family.

Let's establish a Live Smart movement and community of support!

Tip for printing this poster on a single sheet of paper:
Select the "Fit to page" or "Scale to Fit" option and the "Auto rotate" option.

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