Received your request for my experiences with MAP. You may be getting more than you wanted. It's a rainy day, my husband went with friends to Silver Dollar City, and I have the whole glorious day before me with nothing to do but get out the word processor, and write to you!

I've done six MAP sessions now. I think what I shall do is go over my journal entries of these sessions, dwelling a lot on the last two, which were the biggest challenge yet. Then I'll share my thoughts and impressions, and relate the most magnificent of all experiences with MAP, which happens to be the one I don't remember at all.

In the scanning session, I was aware of four individuals, three of them working closely together as a single unit. At the vanguard of this unit was female energy, who approached closely and I was aware of the name "Bretha" or "Breatha." Flanking on each side was male energy, two separate individuals from whom I have never received names. Behind all of these folks was a fourth figure who was never active in the session, but present and alert, like a specialist waiting to be called in if necessary. Interestingly, this figure was that of a child, and I had the distinct impression he was wearing a white lab coat and horn rimmed glasses. Actually he reminded me of a spiritual version of Oliver Wendell Jones from Bloom County! He definitely was not Doogie Houser.

You know the sensations — I was floating, body parts connected by elastic for easy adjustability. Part of me was rolled over for awhile — just the top half — and a sensation of heat engulfed the right side of my head and my right shoulder, arm and hand for awhile. My biggest problem was I babbled to them constantly! I couldn't shut myself up! I've had patients like that in my office. Maybe I'll be more sympathetic with those folks now, because I surely must have taxed my team's patience.

Getting a symbol for the team was no problem. here's what I wrote in the journal about it.

"The symbol: Closest words can come is Starnet. It's shaped like a conehead's head, and made of the light of stars like a huge net — catches stars like a magnet more than a dragnet as it moves through space and time. A very dynamic image — a generator of power or light — very alive."

In my first full session, I discussed with them alcohol, of which I sometimes drink too much, balance and integration in my medical practice, and my ultimate goal of doing healing like they do it, at that level of reality . . . (Hey, why not go for the top, yes?)

I discussed my difficulties of trapping my husband in behaviors he nor I like, because of my attitudes toward him and my expectations. I asked for a space within me where I could cut him a little more slack. I don't get to talk much at home or anywhere else for that matter about the things of deepest importance to me (that's why you're getting such a long letter), so I really unloaded on my team. When they went to work, I could feel lots of little things being done, and that floating feeling. Then I got strong perineal sensations of undeniably sexual energy, followed by a feeling of that energy being tuned to run up and down my spine, seeming to never get higher than about belly button level. The session ended spontaneously before the timer went off. I have not set timers since. Session three occurred in the middle of the night when, for no reason at all, I came wide awake. I had had a headache that evening. So, along with more work on the things I had stated earlier, I asked for help with my migraines. After the initial floaty feeling, I began to see a blue-white light aimed at the bridge of my nose between my eyes, and pulsating strongly. It came closer and seemed to insert itself into me, at which time the light became lost in other light images passing in front of me. It was a very hectic scene. I felt like a small child lost in a sea of grown-up's legs in Grand Central Station — only this child was lost in the hustle bustle of a bunch of Beings of Light passing back and forth inside my head. I got quite disturbed, and explained that I was frightened, that I needed a sense of their love. I got just enough of that sensation to settle down and let the experience continue.

After that stopped, an adjustment was done on my neck, then for quite some time I felt like a paint can being shaken on one of those mixing machines, only the motion seemed to be in the world around while I felt myself to be still.

There were many other things that happened during this session. The team can really pack a lot into 40 minutes. At exactly 40 minutes by the digital clock, I felt the session end.

The fourth session I found myself dwelling in vivid vignettes from my past, complete with all sensations and feelings. Most involved times when I was especially connected to nature. Again I felt the sexual energy, and this time it moved up my spine into my heart. I got an image of the power and joy one could manifest in one's life if that energy were running at least as high as the heart. Later in the session I felt as if a canal were being Roto-Rooted near my spine from my heart to the top of my head. "This isn't comfortable," I told them. "It isn't meant to be," was their answer. It made breathing difficult, for awhile.

Sessions five and six were the most difficult. I had a severe migraine. To open the coning, I couldn't think of the words, especially the word "overlighting." Testing for essences was difficult, and I wound up with about eight of them. Couldn't really see well enough to read all the definitions, so I just started the session, simply asking for help with the headache. The immediate sensation was one of worms crawling under the skin of my face, as one by one, the muscle fibers relaxed their pinched, tight positions. That did nothing for the pain, but did relax me some. They worked on my hands, which reminded me of the biofeedback technique whereby migrainers are taught to increase the blood supply to their hands, so I decided to kick in and help them by concentrating on my hands. All through the session I kept trying to pitch in and help, frustrating them no end, I think. Finally, they put me to sleep. The entire session took place in the 40 minutes after they put me to sleep. These headaches hurt too much to sleep with, so I'm sure they had a hand in the nap I took.The headache was nearly gone after the session. I tested for essences, and decided to go back to sleep to get rid of what little pain remained.

Within an hour I was in agony again; no sleep to be had. I silently opened another coning; too much pain to talk aloud. I mentioned that I had a problem with my own stubborn will power, and thought I was hanging onto the headache. I asked them to help make me more willing to give up the pain, and to find something with which to replace it if it were serving some kind of purpose. I did feel better focused for this session though, and stayed out of the way. Lots of minor sensations occurred through the session, including a few little pains elsewhere, which disappeared as soon as I communicated their presence.

I felt tingly all over in an area just outside my skin for quite awhile. Then, suddenly, the pain that had been torturing my right eye was being sucked out of an area just above the right temple. I was amazed at the feeling, and sure enough! I tried to hang onto the headache and suck it back in! With a chuckle at myself, I quit and let the headache go. That left me with only a pain at the top of my head, which had previously been overshadowed by the severity of the eye pain.

They kept me for the full forty minutes, but nothing else dramatic happened. Needed Orange Ruffles, Snap Pea, Salvia and Corn at the end of the session.

The headache finished going away when I remembered that shiatsu point above the temple, and massaged it some more, along with the webbing of my left thumb. Later that night, I woke up with the words "Nymphenberg" and "Royal Highness" on my mind, so I got up, took those essences and decided to have a conversation with Bretha. My team has suggested I talk to them outside of the regular sessions, to explain to them things that are going on which I might forget to express at the beginning of an actual session. Upon contacting Bretha, I discovered an improvement in my ability in interlevel communications, something for which I had requested help. Always before I have felt that I was shouting across a wall to the other side, then listening ever so hard for the muffled reply, which I could rarely hear completely.

This night Bretha told me that I was indeed hanging onto my headache, but in the same way I hang onto all my other problems — nothing special about it. The intensity of the headache and difficulty in getting rid of it had more to do with my requests for expansion, which they are eagerly granting. There is, however, a lot of work for them to do, she tells me, and more layers to work through. Until they have done their work, I can expect more headaches. Stepping up my sessions if possible, was what she advised, to as much as every other day, and she was very encouraging to me. Machaelle, what is amazing about this is my dear soul-friend called me after her first MAP session last week, awakening me from deep sleep. She told me her team, the Sunshine Team, was headed by a man named Thomas, and that I had been there with them as an apprentice! When she said the name Thomas, an image of a man in a coarsely woven robe came to mind, and I thought in my sleepy head, how interesting that she would be talking about a Thomas, when that's the name of the man I just . . . the man who . . . why just yesterday . . . I can't remember . . . I'll figure it out later when I'm awake. She had been told I would remember none of it, but that they were teaching me, and using her sessions because she and I are so close. She did say I was absolutely rude and barely even noticed her or said hello, so interested was I in the things Thomas was showing me. Doctors! I guess we'll always be rude!

Once I came awake, I realized there is no other Thomas with whom I've recently had any sort of special relationship. I also had a feeling the following morning that I had again been with a team. No details — just a strong feeling. No such feelings since then. If indeed I am being apprenticed, no wonder a great deal of expansion is needed. But what a blessing! I am truly in awe.

This whole method of healing works on the electric/energy body level, I think, which then impacts on the physical over the next 24 hours. I can't think of a single thing it has to do with the allopathic medicine in which I was trained. However, I am a member of the American Holistic Medical Association, a group of physicians who are connected by their common desire to find a truer form of healing than the concept of the mechanistic (Newtonian) body which we were taught in Medical School. I think there are people in that organization who would be interested in this, and I am asking for guidance from my team on the proper place, time and person for presenting this to that group.

If anyone is interested in locating physicians who belong to that organization (most of whom are so busy they are hard to get an appointment with), there is a directory available from:

American Holistic Medical Association
4101 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 201
Raleigh, NC 27606
FAX: 919/787-4916

I'm impressed that MAP is so easy — when I meditate it takes great effort and concentration to move my mind to "another place." With MAP I make the request, focus rather lightly on the coning and the team, and things just happen. Since it is a process that takes care of itself so easily, I think the most helpful thing for people to overcome fear and skepticism would be to read about others' experiences. I do know in my practice I have had to learn that some people do not want to be healed; similarly, MAP won't fit into everybody's needs or present state of growth. The beauty of it is, when one is ready, all one must do is ask for it. Truly a case of ask and you shall receive.

I have no other suggestions to make for people who are attracted to MAP, except to "shut up" and trust their MAP team, as I am learning to do.

— A.R., Arkansas