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What People Are Saying About Pivot

We have shared our thoughts about Machaelle Wright's riveting new autobiography, Pivot. Now we're starting to hear from you and it's great! Some folks who aren't even done reading it yet have commented to us over the phone or written to Machaelle because what they have learned from her new book has already made such a significant impact:

"Just finished it today. Wow. All I can say is wow. There are NO limits. Beautifully done, I am so inspired."

"What a Life! I thank Machaelle for this book and for the life and Life it represents. The new book dovetails well with, but does not replace, her three earlier biographical books."

"I have just completed Pivot and I must tell you that for me, it calmly and beautifully pulled together much of your information I have read over the past 35 or more years. It gives me the impetus to retry some of the things I have attempted in the past. I will try MAP again. I have pulled out my first edition copy of The Mount Shasta Mission which I shall now reread with renewed understanding and greater appreciation. Thank you for writing Pivot."

"Just finished reading Pivot. I am BLOWN AWAY!! A whole new appreciation for the work being done. Still trying to wrap my head around some of it, but overall, I am in awe, humbled, and feeling like I have a lot of work to do! Thanks, Machaelle, just isn't enough to say."

"I had my mind blown by Machaelle's book, Pivot. It's absolutely stunning. Now I think I'm ready to start working with PIC and the Soil-less Garden Companion book."

If you would like to share your experience and thoughts about Pivot, you can easily do so on our website. On this page, there's a tab that says, "Customer Comments." Open that tab and scroll down to click the link that says, "Review and Rate This Item." You can take it from there!

From Jeannette and Beth, the QL Duo:

We were lucky enough to be among the first who read Pivot. It opened our minds and hearts to a better understanding and appreciation of our lives, our world and the universe beyond.

We have worked at Perelandra for over 25 years, and have read all of Machaelle's books multiple times. Still, we found this book riveting and new. Whether you've also read them all or haven't read any yet, you'll find Pivot to be an experience unlike any other.

Machaelle takes us on a deeply personal and insightful journey from her beginnings through to what she's doing and thinking now, over 70 years later and after having founded Perelandra nearly 40 years ago. She looks ahead to her pivot-woven future, and reveals what's in store for her, and for Perelandra.

If you have been looking back and thinking about your life lived so far, Pivot will give you a fresh perspective, a way to find new meaning and understanding in your own journey. If you are looking ahead to life in front of you, Pivot will inspire you to make the most of your adventures, opportunities and choices.

Pivot is more than a memoir about an extraordinary life. It's about life at its largest and what can happen when we recognize the unique possibilities in our own journey — our own life at its largest.

This is a beautiful memoir. Certainly one of a kind. It inspires me to continue to allow life to unfold and surprise me. It makes me think more about what I need to be doing to carve my own way. — Maggie Neiss, South Chester, PA

With this memoir, Machaelle pulls back the curtain, giving a unique look behind the scenes of an expanded view of the bigger picture.  — Emily Dobson, Decorah, IA

Pivot is all about having the courage and confidence to meet life on its own terms.  — Michael T., Canton, OH

Think you know what the word "pivot" means? Think again!

A pivot occurs when a person who has been traveling on a familiar, well-defined life path makes a sudden voluntary or involuntary turn that untethers the individual from that path and propels him or her onto a new and often unrelated path that uproots the individual from his or her previous world.

Prefer to read a little before you go "all in"?

You can now read an excerpt from the beginning of Pivot online here.

In fact, you'll find free excerpts from all of Machaelle's books free online here.

And when you're ready to add a whole new layer of understanding to the adventure of Pivot, check out this special series of photo galleries Machaelle has put together for everyone: Machaelle's Pivot Scrapbook.


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by Patricia
on 7/8/2019
Pivot - the rest of the story.
Dear Machaelle, I am new to your work. I was introduced to your MAP in April by a dear friend. It sounded familiar and yet I didn't know what it was about so I ordered the MAP book first. After reading, I went back and ordered Behaving, Mt Shasta, & Dancing. I saw Pivot and thought well, that is the latest, let me read these three first. I could not wait to get my hand on Pivot and it has not disappointed. Even though my knowledge of your work and resources are not spread out over the years you have published, reading Pivot answers more questions. I am doing everything you have provided a resource for. I would have loved to have known about you much earlier but I have these resources now and I feel so grateful. Thank you for publishing your story and knowledge over the years. I have had a refresher course in life as I lived it over the time period you cover. This has been extraordinary for me. My essences order will arrive shortly so that adventure will begin soon.
on 5/22/2019
Thank you Machaelle
I am thankful that Machaelle has given us a deeper insight into her journey in this life and the opportunity her work has provided to all of us to work with nature. I finished the book thinking WOW I will think of MAP and PIC in a whole different way now and appreciate the power she and nature have given to each of us to support our health and lives.
on 2/28/2019
Pivot, A Memoir by Machaelle Wright
Once upon a time one encounters a person who lives their life on purpose. As a grateful reader, my own preconceived notions and mental models were challenged as I read Machaelle's story. From her young life in Maryland, unconventional 'family,' Catholic school, European 'gap' year, to Capitol Hill ... and beyond, my respect for her increased. A wonderful read full of info that I will frequently return to. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
on 11/3/2018
What a Life!
I thank Machaelle for this book and for the life and Life it represents. The new book dovetails well with, but does not replace, her three earlier biographical books. The earlier books have the advantage of speaking in the voice of one who is still going through and processing what is being discussed. The on-the-ground perspective of the earlier books has been invaluable to me, as I go through my own adventures, to show me the range of what kinds of things can happen and what kinds of daring might be required. The new book on the other hand provides a deep and unified view. The light from the unified view illuminates many corners that were left unaddressed before. And the combined life energy that emerges from the consistent view is breathtaking, inspiring, profound. The first half of the book, up through the end of Pivot One, is a classic memoir of an extraordinary yet ordinary life. Even on its own, I found this part very worth reading. My human sense of timing did wonder a bit.
on 11/1/2018
I'm already a hundred pages in and loving it. I'm curious about the cover art and why it is so close to the iconic Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album cover. Perhaps Jeanette and Beth could ask Machaelle and comment. Thanks so much. (Note: There's no connection or reference to the Pink Floyd album or cover art.)
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