Post-Death Flower Essences Process

Last December I ordered, among other things, the paper Flower Essence Restabilizing Process. When my order arrived, I discovered that your staff had sent instead the paper on the Post-Death Flower Essence Process. I thought that this was indeed a very strange mistake, considering not only the difference in cost of the papers, but also the probable difference in size. I decided that after Christmas I would send you payment for the paper you sent and request again the paper I had ordered.

One week after I received your shipment, my mother-in-law suddenly collapsed and was hospitalized. Two weeks later, she died. I decided that it made sense for me to try the Post-Death Process since I had received the paper so unexpectedly. Since my mother-in-law was a Southern Baptist, I was careful to explain the process to her in her own language: angels, holy water and so on. I felt that she consented to the process, and afterwards I felt that she was much more at peace.

Several weeks later, a close friend whom I have known twenty years suddenly died. That night when I had quiet time to myself I suddenly felt her presence. The moment I felt her presence I instantly remembered the Post-Death Process. My friend had been a healer and knew of my work with MAP. I felt that she wanted me to go through the process with her. It was an intimate way to say goodbye to someone I have loved and worked with for a long time.

C.D., Missouri

Note: If you receive the wrong item, it doesn't mean the people around you will start dying. It means we made a mistake. If your order is ever incorrect, please contact us immediately.