Post-Death Flower Essences Process
by C. Overhauser

The Post-Death Flower Essence Process has turned out to be much more useful than I ever imagined. Since this paper was first published I've had many occasions to use it, though not necessarily in ways I had anticipated.

I am a health care practitioner. The first time I used this process, it was for a close relative of a client of mine. Since that occasion, I have offered to do this process for other clients when they have just lost a close friend or relative. My clients have really appreciated this service and I am sure that it has assisted them in moving through their own grieving process. (The first time I did this I charged a small amount, but now I do it for free.) The recipients of the process have also been most appreciative. I have always felt thanks being expressed to me — from a simple "thanks" to feeling the energy of tears of joy and relief.

A few experiences have been quite special. In each case, I had not known the person who had died, but I felt a strong connection and desire to help. In the first case, the man in question was a politician who had worked ceaselessly for the cause of peace in Northern Ireland, his own daughter had been killed in a terrorist incident. I had heard this man speak on the radio, and was moved and inspired. [Catherine lives and works in Ireland.] Later he had a meeting with members of paramilitary organizations and became bitter and disillusioned, but still he continued his work for peace. When I heard he had died, I decided to offer him the Post-Death Flower Essence Process. He accepted. Immediately after administering the essences, I sensed that a huge, dense black cloud had disappeared, leaving the radiance of the sun. I hadn't even felt that the cloud had been there until it was gone, I was stunned by the power of the change. I sensed a joy and freedom. At that point I asked him if there was anything he'd like to share with me about the death process as he had experienced it so far, and he said, "It's wonderful."

A few months later I heard about a Nigerian writer and civil rights activist who had died. I again felt a strong desire to assist this man with the Post-Death Process. In part, I wanted to support this man in all he had done for his people and his continent. I was astonished when doing the process that three rounds of essences were needed. During the second one I became tearful and deeply moved. I sensed an enormity in what this was all about and a depth of service that was beyond my comprehension. I also experienced a gratitude big and deep beyond words. The day after I had done this process, I read in a newspaper that the writer had been killed by hanging, and they had to hang him 5 times before he finally died.

The most complex Post-Death Process I have done so far was for all the individuals who died at Dunblane, Scotland in an incident in which 16 children, their teacher and a man with a gun all died. I am sure I was not the only person who felt deep sorrow about this experience, and I wanted to respond in a constructive way. I found a newspaper article that had the names and pictures of the teacher and 15 of the 16 children. This helped me focus during what was to be a long, intense process.

I checked with nature to make sure it was appropriate to include the Nature Program and Soul Ray Essences in testing. (They said it was.) I then worked with the coning to find out how to organize this. I felt a strong hunch that it was important to work with the gunman first, so that he could release from the situation before I worked with the others. I got a confirmation of this from the coning. I felt very comfortable and loving working with him. (If I had not felt this way I'm not sure it would have been appropriate for me to do this process at all.)

Then I worked with the coning to organize the rest of the work. First I did the process for the teacher on her own. Then I explained to her that I wanted to offer this process to all the children, too. As I'd arranged with nature, I kept the teacher's higher self in the coning and added in the higher selves of all 16 children. (In this way, I used the relationships that were already in existence before death.) Then I explained to them what I was offering and asked the teacher to give them any additional explanations she felt would be helpful, as she had already experienced the benefit of the process. I asked her if they all wanted this, and she said "yes." (I was electrically connected to the teacher at this point, but not to the children.) Next I disconnected electrically from the teacher and started working with the children one at a time, asking to be connected with each child electrically, doing the needed testing, disconnecting from that child electrically, and going to the next child. I asked each child for their permission as an individual before proceeding. Several of them needed two rounds of testing to clear. (The next day I saw a newspaper article that described the extent of the injuries. Perhaps that is why several needed two tests to clear.) After I had worked with everyone, I asked the coning if it was appropriate to do a final round of testing for the teacher and students as a group. I got a "yes," so I added an electrical connection to the teacher in order to do this test.

Finally, I asked if it was appropriate to do a test for anyone on the Earth level whose lives were affected by this incident and wanted the assistance of these essences. I stated that I did not want to force this essence solution on anyone; I just wanted to make it available wherever appropriate. I got a "yes" from the coning, did the test, and I really felt the effect of this last essence solution. I know that I may be the only one who received it, but I am glad I made the gesture.

In all these cases I talked about essences and how I use them and why, and let them know that essences would be made available to them whenever they wanted, if they asked for it. I also let them know that as they move through their own healing process and shifts, it may also assist us here on the Earth level to shift, too. I think that being aware of the bigger picture may assist them as they move forward on their journey.

The Post-Death Flower Essence Process is a tool that gives me a powerful and constructive way to respond to death. Even in violent circumstances, I no longer just feel depressed, angry or helpless,I can offer something that actually makes a difference.