Post-Death Flower Essences Process
by Judith Anya Roderick

A client of mine, Peg, had made an appointment with me for a Microbial Balancing session for Thursday, May 28. I received a call on Sunday morning and was told that Peg had died the night before, May 23. I had the strong feeling that I was still supposed to do a session with her. The Post-Death Process is supposed to be done within 72 hours after death, so I decided to do it that evening.

The following is from Perelandra Paper #9:
Flower essences are tremendously helpful to those who have just died. They stabilize the person during that initial post-death period when he or she is most vulnerable and greatly assist the healing process from the illness or condition that caused death.

I focused on Peg and asked to be linked to her for surrogate testing, I explained the process to her and asked if she wished me to do it — which she did. I then muscle-tested her for the 51 Perelandra Essences that I work with.

After the first round of essences, I opened to her energy and wrote down what I felt her saying: "It helps." Talk about switching boats in mid-stream! This is still quite a shock to me. I just didn't pay enough attention to that body of mine.

I muscle-tested for her again and administered the second batch of essences. "Thanks, it brings a little more clarity to the situation. You know, in some ways I like it a whole lot better here; but I did leave a lot of unfinished business. What I see and understand from here is amazing, but my energy keeps bouncing back and forth. I'm not all here "yet."

I tested again and gave her the third batch of essences, Each time you do that it gets a little clearer here, a little less hazy. What a way to go! (She died from an asthma attack.) But I'm glad I was there [the Pecos mountains] and not at work or on the freeway somewhere.

I tested the fourth time and read her the definitions of the essences she tested positive for. Good. It's good. Well, I'm here. I might as well make the best of it. There's a lifting or dropping away of my old body pattern going on. I'm done with that. Tell [my massage therapist] I can make a lot more progress here than I ever did down there, but I appreciate all that she did. I appreciate you all down there. It's not easy down there for me. It's really different here. Wait 'til you see. Nothing's slow here. I really want to heal a lot of my old stuff so I can come back out of choice, not out of pull, getting pulled back in. Do it again [the essences].

I tested her for the fifth time, gave her the essences and read her the definitions again. Yep. That did it. Thanks, Judith. This did me a lot more good than it would have down there. It's so dense and slow down there. This does it in a jiffy. Thank you. Now I'm ready for the next.

Then she said: I'm sorry to leave all you guys; especially my kids and grandkids. But you know what? I feel closer to you now than I did down there. It's a lot easier to feel close.

I told Peg that the next night was the New Moon celebration which she had often come to and that I would like to honor her memory at our ceremony. She says OK, I'd like that. You know, that body stuff was hard for me. This is really pretty neat.

I asked her if there was anything she would like me to say from her perspective at New Moon. She said, Yes, those cycles really matter. It's so clear here. Like big cogs in a wheel. It all works so smoothly. It's much easier to see that here. Tune back in. I'm so glad for all the times I was out on the land, under the stars and the moon. You've got to tune yourselves in to those bigger movements around you. It all works together and what you do down there really impacts the whole. Enjoy your Earth. Kiss the ground for me. Then she said, I have a lot more choices now. I can see so much more. It's immense. It's all connected and I'm a part of it all, and so are you. See you guys. Love ya.