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Updated 25th Anniversary Edition

When humans consider solutions for restoring
balance to an out-of-balance world, they need only
access the intelligence of nature for answers.

We are at a critical point in history and for us to move forward with solutions that don’t create more problems than we already have, we need to include nature’s wisdom and its knowledge of balance in science and in our everyday life. Nature holds the roadmap for successfully repairing the messes we’ve created and will continue to create as long as we humans try to figure out reality on our own.

Co-Creative Science lays the groundwork for a revolution in science — and everyday life.


“ “I finished reading the
Co-Creative Science ebook. It's a very fine and inclusive read. I was grabbed on the first page. As we're being taught and/or reminded that we are walking hand-in-hand with our partner, nature, we are given the 'why' and 'how to' in a clear and straight forward direction. The sense of urgency is clear. No more fooling around. Only 128 pages and it ties everything together — garden in soil, soil-less garden, essences, Microbial Balancing and MAP. And it all comes across with a clear, easy-to-understand, 'go for it' attitude. I'm so impressed with this book. Bravo, Machaelle!"
— R.B., Illinois



Co-Creative Science — It's not just for "sciency" people.

This approach is vital for improving the lives of every "ordinary" one of us. Machaelle calls us "Citizen Scientists." And it's very important not to overlook the valuable impact of the citizen scientist's contributions to the health and well-being of our home, ourselves and our planet.

Co-creative science and working in partnership with nature is critical for any professional working on effective solutions for environmental and health problems.



A New Approach

Those of you with the first edition of Co-Creative Science will be thrilled to discover the clarity Machaelle adds to your co-creative classroom in this new edition. Whether you are new to the "nature part" of Perelandra or you already work with the processes and programs that include nature, you will appreciate this clearer understanding of "nature intelligence." Co-Creative Science broadens reality and this new way of seeing and interacting with the world around us can help us better navigate day-to-day.

So are you ready to deepen your understanding of what it means to work in partnership with nature? Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime — one that can't be bought, only experienced — right where you are?!



“If I could only have one Perelandra product, this would be it. This book not only informs you about co-creative science, it tells you how you can become a co-creative citizen scientist as well as a co-creative scientist in your chosen field. Should you choose to do this, your life will open up in ways beyond your imagination. You can use this book as a door to another world. A world where the inherent balance of nature works cooperatively with the evolution of humans for the good of both. This book shows us how to make that world a reality.”
— Maureen Shepard



Pre-Order Your Copy Now

This special jewel of a "little" book is already in production at our bookprinter. We put the word little in quotes because the new second edition of Co-Creative Science is a modest 128 pages, but we have to tell you those pages pack quite a wallop. In content, this is a very big book.

Pre-order now and be first in line to receive your anniversary edition "hot off the press" in early June — with added gifts!

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We're betting you are going to want to get started as soon as you've finished reading Co-Creative Science. We did! And we would like to give you encouragement with your first steps. So, all pre-ordered copies of the second edition of Co-Creative Science will be shipped with a free 1/2-oz. bottle of Essence of Perelandra (EoP). It will support you as you head into this new world.

That's not all. All pre-orders will include the Co-Creative Science ebook for free. You can begin reading right away!

Co-Creative Science, Second Edition
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