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The vitally important, environment balancing, life altering — and easy — steps for working with nature in The Perelandra Garden Workbook will soon be available in an updated softcover edition for less than half the price of the original 3-ring binder edition.

The second edition still includes over 400 vivid color photos. It also includes the two newer Perelandra Solutions (ETS for Atmosphere and ETS for Water) in the steps of the garden processes. The softcover is lighter and more compact than the 3-ring binder.

The retail price for the new softcover edition is just $25.

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We know you're interested in what Perelandra has to offer because you're reading this. Some of you are lightly interested — you use some of the Perelandra Solutions, you've enjoyed Machaelle's autobiographies and memoir, or you work with MAP — but you've never considered the Garden Workbook. Perhaps you felt it would be too much work. After many years of people using the Workbook successfully, we can confidently say you are in for a pleasant surprise. We hope you'll consider it now. It's not just for gardening. With everything that's going on these days, it's also for the planet.

The "Fine Print" Details:
We expect the new softcover Workbook to begin shipping in early March.
The pre-order offer will end when the new books hit the Perelandra driveway!
Offer is retail only, and not eligible for any additional discounts.
Pre-orders ship separately and will not be combined with other purchases.
Expedited $4 U.S. shipping will be our choice of FedEx or Postal.
International customers will receive $5 off shipping after order is submitted.

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Be a Change Maker with Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden

We often say, "Nature has the solutions." However, that statement alone isn't particularly useful to you. So we'd like to give it context and explain what that means.

For any solution to have strength, power and stability, it must have balance. So for every decision we make in life, every change we implement, we have to include nature to provide the solution's balance. Nature knows balance. If we don't include nature, we will make decisions that we think should be made based on our own more limited knowledge and understanding. These decisions are what Machaelle calls "human think." They are human-dominant solutions. In light of everything we're facing now, it's obvious our human-think decisions haven't worked out too well over the years.

Following the steps and processes laid out in The Perelandra Garden Workbook, you will experience nature leading you as you gradually and carefully unwind the imbalanced aspects of your environment and your life, and rebuild them in balance.

(For more, see Be a Change Maker with Nature)


It's winter. Why think about gardening?

Now is the time to start working with nature for this gardening season in the northern hemisphere. We are including a free updated edition of the eWorkbook with your pre-order so you can kick off the 2020 season with our popular online companion Gardening Series. Follow along in your ebook until your softcover edition arrives in March.

But wait, there's more — and it's so good!

On Saturday, March 28th, Machaelle, Jeannette and Beth will be available for an exclusive online question forum about co-creative gardening. This special forum will be focused solely on the Workbook, whether you're using it for gardening, the environment or any other partnership with nature. Participation will be limited to those who own and are using The Perelandra Garden Workbook — the 2012 ebook, the 2013 binder or the new 2020 softcover edition.

We'll announce more details later this February.

If you have any interest in Perelandra and Machaelle's research, you will appreciate this book. And if you have never gardened a day in your life, refuse to eat vegetables and really love your plastic houseplants, you will still appreciate this book.

Excerpt from The Workbook
Everything you know that has gone into establishing your sense of order, stability and balance, namely logic — in gardening, farming, ranching, landscaping, forestry, lawn management, pond management and in every other area of your life — will be challenged. For you see, even though The Perelandra Garden Workbook is presented through the prism of the Perelandra garden, this gardening is a metaphor for the whole of life. As you change how you approach your garden, you will, in turn, change the very fabric of how you approach everything else in your life.

View the Table of Contents and all of Part 1 here (5 mb).

"The Workbook is fabulous. It's laid out more organically and it just flows. The translations seem much clearer for me now. Just about every stumbling block I had before has been cleared up. I am so stoked. Now I really feel like I can do it without being overwhelmed. Big thank you to Machaelle!" — T.R., Question Line Caller


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