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Update: December 18, 2022

Life Table 2017

Gardening, Soil-less Gardening and Nature

Make Time To Acknowledge Nature At Winter Solstice

A way to show your care for nature's role in our lives, and on our planet.

Gardeners, soil-less gardeners and non-gardeners — all benefit from acknowledging this change in nature's cycle. When we pay attention, the planet benefits too. Solstice is in just a few days.

Wednesday, December 21st at 4:48 PM EST


In The Perelandra Garden Workbook, Machaelle explains:

"The release of life vitality that triggers each stage of the equinox/solstice cycle happens with or without human awareness or attention. It's part of earth's natural rhythms. But we co-creative gardeners can choose to actively participate with nature at these special times. Nature once said to me that nature is powerful beyond belief and humans are powerful beyond belief. But when nature and humans act together, that combined power is intensified a hundredfold. . . . This is another one of those times where a small gesture on our part can do a lot for the moment."

Workbook p35

For a deeper understanding, including insight from nature, read the entire section on The Solstice and Equinox Cycle from The Perelandra Garden Workbook free online here.

At the time of the solstice, you can follow the steps for observing the moment on pages 37-39.


Nature Cards

If you have Perelandra Nature Cards, winter solstice is a nice time to draw insight for this year's cycle — for your garden, your projects and your personal life cycle.



Your Solstice Life Table

For Perelandra and folks in the northern hemisphere, this will be the winter solstice — the second stage of the annual cycle when the plans and design of the year come together. The season also affords an opportunity to both participate in the moment and use a little creativity to celebrate and show appreciation for your nature partner through the simple act of putting together a "life table."

"I give nature its fair share of the season by setting up what I call a Life Table. On it, I create a nature setting of greens, nests, nuts, berries and birdfeather ornaments. I also include items from the garden and handmade crafts to symbolize the creative coming together of man and nature. For the winter solstice, the Life Table candle is lit, and at the exact moment of the solstice I focus my attention on the devic quality of life — the creation of the blueprints."


Some of the Perelandra life tables we've put together over the last 20 years:

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Toby Solstice

Southern Hemisphere Gardeners

This will be your Summer Solstice.

It's a time to recognize and rejoice in your fully realized garden (or project or personal cycle). The greatest amount of life vitality is released at the Summer Solstice.

Add These Days To Your Calendar

The page linked below gives the dates and times for the coming equinox and solstice cycle. Add them to your calendar now, so you'll remember to participate all through the year.

        • Solstice and Equinox Times