Perelandra Forum, September 2007
It's over folks. We've answered all the questions you submitted. Another fine forum rides into the sunset. We are keeping the forum and photo gallery that they've been loading all afternoon especially for this open house up for a few days. Also — and this is the nifty surprise we came up with at the last minute — because it's the last Virtual Open House of the season, we're celebrating by extending the Shipping Special through to 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 3. It's been fun and thanks for your questions. See all you soil-less gardeners on September 15.

Best wishes,

OK, gang. Once again it's time to play "Try To Stump Machaelle." If we were having a regular September "on-site" open house, I would be staying late to answer everyone's questions. I get a little goofy at the end of the season. So, now is your time to submit any of those burning questions about Perelandra stuff that you might have. However, I still reserve the right to send you an "MSW Scowl" if you submit one of "those questions." But don't let this stop you. Buck it up and just go for it. (Can you tell I'm a little wordy today?)

I'll be answering all submitted questions today, so stay with the forum beyond the 4 p.m. close for the rest of the questions and answers.

Susan Friedman's Question: How to be with Poison Ivy?
Machaelle's Answer: Susan, what are you asking? I suggest not rolling around in it.

Linda's Question: When does the Aquarian age begin?
Machaelle's Answer: Beat's the hell outta me.

Jorge Luis Vargas's Question: Hi Machaelle, it is really good to ask you for a question. Excuse me, I just like to know if is it usual to have living and good dreams -that give you a very peacefull sensation- after opening a MAP session. At least I always have them when I require. I suffer insomnia because of my desease. I need to take medicines but MAP is a great help. Thanks for teaching me the method to open conings. Take care, George.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey! Good to hear from you Jorge! I don't know if it's usual to have good dreams during MAP sessions, but I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Don't plan to fall asleep in all of your sessions. I know you've been doing MAP a long time. But when you do fall asleep, happy dreaming with your MAP team. Also, ETS Plus is helpful to folks dealing with insomnia.

K.B.'s Question: is there a particular flower essence that would assist when you live in the barren, stripmall, mcmansion part of NOVA? An essence that would make one feel hopeful even when you see the daily destruction of nature?
Machaelle's Answer: You'll have to test flower essences (using kinesiology) for what would make you more hopeful in your daily life. Because everyone is different, everyone would need different essences in these circumstances.
For those instant moments of despair, don't forget to take ETS Plus.

MaryAnne's Question: have wondered since reading Behaving... about your current feelings about horses and riding and if it is part of your life or if you think about having horses at Perelandra.
Machaelle's Answer: Out of everything that I have put into writing, this is what interests you? Okay — Because I know so much about horses and how much they cost and how much time they take, I have not included horses in my life because I'm busy with the Perelandra work and it would be unfair to the horse.

Anouchka's Question: When I work in a coning with an energy cleansing process, I bal. and stab. the coning and do as the garden wb. tells me. As I move on to the next process, do I need to bal. and stab. the coning again for this new process?
Machaelle's Answer: It's usually not needed once the coning's been balanced and stabilized the first time, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Come on folks, don't be scared, I won't hurt you! They've got me safely locked in a cage . . .

Barbara Barenburg's Question: I opened an elemental annex on my property. Do I need to separate the elemental annex section from the section of the property that is cleansed when I do an Energy cleansing process for my property now? I would assume that I could include it, but thought I'd ask since you're available today!
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Barbara! Go ahead and include it. You can even verbally say, "And I include cleansing the elemental annex." Good for you, I'm glad to hear you opened an elemental annex.

Kathy's Question: I'm a newbie... just read your 1983 book for first time recently. So don't understand all discussions above. Just wanted to say "hi" and "loved your book!"
Machaelle's Answer: Gee, thanks. Glad you liked the book. Don't worry, I don't understand all the questions above either!!!

Vicki P's Question: Sometimes I have a MAP session in the middle of the night. With these sessions, I skip the ETS before and after. Because I take MBP Balancing solutions last thing at night and first thing in the morning, I think I might screw things up by taking ETS in between. Am I being paranoid as usual?
Machaelle's Answer: Well, I'm not sure how usual this paranoia is for you! But because of the nature of ETS Plus, you can go ahead and take it before and after your midnight MAP session. It won't mess up your MBP Balancing Solutions.

Vicki P's Question: Has John found his way to Perelandra yet?
Machaelle's Answer: No, not yet. Money's still riding on it.

Linda Cradick's Question: Hi- I am new to MAP and would like to know if the mbs may help nerve damage in urinary system (from an injury). If so, which ones besides nervous system and urinary system? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Good thinking! Add Immune and Lymphatic to Nervous and Urinary. And take them each twice daily.

Nancy Oden's Question: I know that you frown (scowl) upon people taking all the essences at once as in one big "swig." My question is: Would giving it this way to my 82 yr. old Dad who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, be too much of a burden for his body to cast off those patterns that were not needed on any particular day he takes that swig? He is open to taking the essences but I will not be around to test him on a regular basis. Would ETS+ be a better alternative? Any advice?
Machaelle's Answer: You're right. Taking all of the essences in one big "swig" even if you don't need them is an unnecessary burden for anybody's body. For an 82-year-old body, that would be more of a burden. I would switch him to the MBP Solutions — Immune, Lymphatic, Cell, Endocrine and Nervous. Make sure he takes them at least once a day (twice a day would be better if possible). And remember, these can't be mixed, he has to take each separately.
Use ETS Plus when he has panic attacks or gets overly agitated.

Caz's Question: Not sure what happen message was gone before I finished writing. When I watch the VT on soil-less gardens you make it sound so easy. I am based in the UK & do not know of anyone near by that practices or even heard of Perelandra. Yes I have called the helpline...but sometimes feel none the wiser (not down to you helps) I think it's me struggling & then I feel like idiot & cannot find the courage to call back,. any chance of a soil less garden manual? Thank you for not scowling
Machaelle's Answer: First things first — never feel like an idiot. The folks on the Question Line are always happy to take your call. If it doesn't make you feel wiser the first time, let's keep at it together until you do!
But, just because you asked this, we're going to go ahead and make a big announcement for you and the other soil-less garden people (insert drumroll) . . .
On Saturday, September 15th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., eastern time, I will be holding a Soil-less Garden online forum!
We'll be sending an EarthSave out later with detailed information, so get those questions ready!

Nancy Oden's Question: When you are at the cottage, is your physical body at Perelandra awake or asleep? Or both simultaneously?
Machaelle's Answer: When I'm awake at the Cottage, I'm awake at Perelandra. When I'm asleep at the Cottage, I'm asleep at Perelandra.

Marilyn Phillips's Question: MPB Reproductive Solution - does it assist with those women who are having problems getting pregnant?
Machaelle's Answer: The MBP Reproductive Solution strengthens and balances the reproductive system for all of its functions, including pregnancy. So, yes, it can assist getting pregnant as long as the system is able to function in a pregnancy.

Barbara's Question: I have tried to do co-creative gardening in my yard since I was married a few years ago, but my husband, who does not use conings (unless he's in trouble and then he'll ask me to open one for him), will interfere with the results. So I have limited my use of co-creative work to small areas that are my own. Is there a way I can work with the coning with a caveat that my husband may try to interfere? He thinks he has a great connection with nature ;-)
Machaelle's Answer: That's funny. Keep working separately from him so that he can, hopefully, observe and experience the results of his own folly while he observes the success you're having. At that point, he'll be open to co-creative gardening. (I also suggest a baseball bat and letting him have it if he tries to interfere ;)

MaryAnne's Question: Actually, I have so many questions that I don't know how to ask them. That seemed like a safe beginning. I am dealing with bedbugs in my apt. - 5 months. It is my first intro to the work. This week I spent in such intense despair that I had to open an emergency MAP coning to keep from plotzing. I have a huge desire to do this work and serious issues with trust. Funny thing is I was so close to touching great joy two weeks ago. Any words of wisdom? I do the work diligently and with more discipline than usual for me.
Machaelle's Answer: I just talked to Jeannette and Beth about your work so far, and it sounds like the words of wisdom I can give you are that because of the apartment environment you're in, you're going to be required to keep on top of this situation using the processes in order to deal with the problems that come up with the spraying that's going on around you in the apartment building. The apartment environment means that you don't have total control of the situation. Therefore, you'll either need to move or commit to sticking with the work in order to maintain control (in your space only). From what I hear, you've been doing an excellent job so far!
On a practical note, if you haven't already, I suggest getting a new mattress. And continue working with Beth and Jeannette on the Question Line. You're going to come out of this knowing a lot about MAP and working co-creatively with nature. You have your own advanced course going.

Marilyn Phillip's Question: Being that I can do my work with clients Long Distance, maybe you can help me understand why testing someone energetically for essences, then sending them energetically, wouldn't work. I am worknig with someone in the last few days (according to the doctors) of life...with advanced brain cancer. How can I help with these essences, etc.
Machaelle's Answer: It's the same principle as plugging in your toaster and trying to play a cd on it. The Perelandra Essences are not set up for administering long distance. If you can't be with the person, what you can do long distance within 72 hours after a person has died, is offer the Perelandra Post-Death Essences Process. With this process, essences are very effective.

Vicki P's Question: With condo ownership, what are the boundaries when doing an energy cleansing?
Machaelle's Answer: The actual boundary of the condo, plus 5 feet beyond in all directions because you're energy impacts that 5-foot space. What you're Energy Cleansing is how you impact that space.

Caz's Question: Big Thanks to you and you team
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks right back! And you're welcome.

Linda Morse's Question: Hi Machaelle, Last time we talked, I finished the Troubleshooting Process on the population of squirrels that kept chewing through the screen doors to get in the house. That pretty much did the trick; they didn't require any further troubleshooting and have only been in the house one time this past week. Then I did foliar feeding on all of the garden and WOW!! What a difference that made! Things went from limping along to flourishing! And now the squirrels and voles are happily devouring the lettuce, cabbage and squash. YUM! So my question is: it fair to do ask the squirrels and voles not to eat the lettuce down to the nubs or is this a part of the balancing process that needs to take place? My intention is to be inclusive of all life and yet I must admit, I'm feeling a bit frustrated with the outcome of their behavior these days.
Machaelle's Answer: First keep in mind that they're not coming into the house and that's a good thing. When you're feeling frustrated, don't lose sight of that. On a practical level — have you installed a squirrel feeder? If the ddp of your garden excludes feeding squirrels and voles, then it is perfectly fair to remind them that they're not to be eating the lettuce. But you are going to have to keep working with nature to establish the balance of your garden so that whatever energetic hole that's enticing the squirrels and voles in, becomes plugged. Usually, when someone is having this kind of difficulty, the problem tends to rest on the person being ambivalent about truly excluding squirrels and voles from the garden. They want to exclude them, but they're cute, they're sweet, they're interesting, but they want to exclude them. So, think about your own feelings. That may be the hole that needs to be plugged. You've got to remain mentally faithful to your own garden intent for this to work properly. Otherwise you confuse nature.

Nancy Oden's Question: Is an energy cleansing process only as effective as the clarity of that representative's visualization at the time that process is performed with nature ? Uh, is that question clear? (scowl by me)
Machaelle's Answer: Yeah, I think I got it. Some people aren't visual. As long as you move through each step completely, whether you can see it or not, you'll get 100% effectiveness with the process. (No scowl needed.)

Joan Masters's Question: I recently inherited a house that seems to have a high volume of astral visitors. I have done lots of things to clear the energy of this house, including your balancing and stabilizing processes, and it is becoming much easier to live in. My question is about my dog: she sees much more of this than I do, and I can tell when things become lively here because she will hide behind the sofa and refuses to go in some of the rooms. She gets animal ETS in her water all the time and I give her additional drops directly when she is particularly anxious. Do you have any more advice (besides moving, which I am planning to do)?
Machaelle's Answer: Have you tried opening a coning and asking your astral visitors to leave? If you're not clear about this, they're just going to hang out and annoy your dog for entertainment. Explain to them that they're dead and they need to move on. A little direction is sometimes really helpful.

Nancy Oden's Question: If the farmhouse you are renting sits on a larger track of land owned by someone else, and that owner is not able to be present to ask permission for the energy processes to be done on the land, is going to the person he has left in charge of operations, good enough to ask for an ok?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, the person left in charge is in the position to make those kinds of decisions.

Okay, folks, I'm officially bored here. I've been waiting 10 whole minutes for the next question. I'm going to be breaking out the Solitaire soon.

Have I rendered you all speechless?

Jenny's Question: I have a problem with recurring cold sores, this year was a banner year for me and those cold sores. I currently take MBP for my immune and for my seasonal allergies. I was wondering which MBP to take for cold sores: nervous, since it resides in the nervous system and/or skin since it is a blemish on the skin?
Machaelle's Answer: Immune and Lymphatic plus Integumentary and Nervous, twice daily!

Sarah Woodard's Question: My husband (47) and I (42) want to get pregnant. He had his sperm checked over 10 years ago and they said there were no mobile forms. He has ben losing his hearing since he was mid 30's like his father and now hears 60%. He is otherwise in very good health. I had thyroid cancer at 17 and had radiation treatment after the surgury. I am very healthy and quite happy now. I have been doing MAP sessions for over a year and essences for over 2 years. I feel I can get pregnant and that my husband can have viable sperm. We are both taking male/female solutions, nervous, cardio, cell, muscles, immune and endocrine, lymph. We both want to co-create with nature and will not likely do any traditional interventions. Suggestions? Thank you for sharing and doing your life's work. It has changed my life. Sarah
Machaelle's Answer: I don't have any further suggestions for this. You seem to be doing just fine as far as the Perelandra tools you're using. However, should pregnancy not occur, have you considered adopting? Being a throw-away child myself, I would have appreciated this.

Marilyn's Question: Hi Machaelle, I just bought the Perelandra Exercises CD, and am working with the relaxation exercise first. Could you please describe your personal experiences with this exercise, and how this has helped you in your work with nature. Thank you, I really love this tape!!
Machaelle's Answer: Glad you loved the CD. But since I've been working directly with nature for 35 years, it would probably take me far more time than either one of us have to answer your question. So just keep enjoying the CD and having fun with your own personal experiences.

Hang in there. We're having some technical difficulties and are resetting our server. It should take about 15 minutes. Keep submitting your questions — we'll catch up with you!

We're back! Thanks for hanging in. We've got a bit of a backlog, but we'll dive in and get to everybody's questions no matter how long it takes us. (We're blaming it on sun spots.)

Barbara's Follow-Up Question: Thank you! I had to be verbally forceful to prevent my husband from interfering with the planting of my small area. He wanted me to buy the plant that he thought looked healthiest, when I tested to buy another plant. He knows not to try to tell me to go against the coning instructions anymore!
Machaelle's Answer: If you buy that bat and just keep it with you, he'll stop the urge to make those suggestions!

Nancy Oden's Question: I know this sounds kooky, but has anyone ever mentioned that the ETS+ for soil smells like Elmer's glue?
Machaelle's Answer: Um... if you're sniffing glue before working with the ETS Plus for Soil . . . maybe that's where that's coming from? ;)
This is a new one on us.

MaryAnne's Question: Last night I got the idea to do a flower essence foliar feeding process and the coning said yes. Instead of the plant I sprayed the rooms in the apartment. By the way since I started this work the roaches have decided they have a safe haven here too and so i did one for them too. Does this make any sense? In my trouble shooting charts I am instructed to do battle energy processes over and over again as well as calibrations and balancings. Is this because of the building environment and possibly humans antagonistic relationship to bedbugs?It doesn't seem possible that one small apt. could have so much battle energy.
Machaelle's Answer: Regarding the foliar feeding — As long as you're getting a positive response from nature, it doesn't matter if it makes any sense, just do it.
Regarding the repetitive Battle Energy Release Processes — In New York City?! I'm assuming this is coming up for you because of the building environment and any antagonism that is impacting your apartment.

Nancy Oden's Question: Have any other political leaders been to the cottage lately? If so, can you tell us waht is happening there?
Machaelle's Answer: There is a constant activity that goes on at the Cottage. And it would take forever to describe what is happening there. Just know that it's a very active place. I did ask the question to David a few weeks ago: "If you could stand before the people on the Perelandra level and say something right now (waiting until they've regained consciousness from fainting from shock), what would you say?" He thought for about 15 seconds and said one word: "Re-engage."
So, I guess he really wants people to stop avoiding getting involved with what's going on around them locally, nationally and internationally.

Susan Thomas's Question: HI Machaelle!!!!! Thanks for offering today's Virtual Open House. I got to attend the "live" version a few years back, and was forever changed by the ENERGY of Perelandra. My questions: When will more DVD's and CD's be released? and Where is the naked man now?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Susan! I'm not dead here! This is live, too! About those DVDs and CDs — we're workin' on it, we're workin' on it! And as for the naked man, he's on the team working on the DVDs and CDs . . . which could be the problem.

Diana Hart's Question: How would you suggest creating a soil-less garden for a business that has several 'projects? Would a coning for each individual project be the best way to address it?
Machaelle's Answer: Open a coning for the overall business as a whole, and ask this question. I can't answer it. Go through a list of each project and ask if a specialized coning within the main project coning needs to be activated for it. If you get a yes, ask how you are to modify the main coning for this individual project. Usually this just involves adding the deva of the individual project to the 4-point coning you've set up for the overall project. And if you get a no, find out through testing where this particular project falls — under the main coning, or any other specialized coning.
Geez, I hope this made sense. If I lost you in the shuffle on this, call the Question Line this week and Beth or Jeannette can smooth it out.

Joan Masters's Question: Thanks for the answer to Q#23. I have done that w/o a coning, and it helps. I guess I'm going to have to make it a regular thing though, this neighborhood is not the best, and other dead guys collect at this house periodically. It's partly my fault, through the work I do they know I can help them move on. And now for something completely different: can you divulge some of what the other Machaelle is up to lately? I thoroughly enjoyed your books on this, and would love to know more about what is currently happening. Not trying to be voyeuristic, I just resonate with the work. I keep waiting for a section on your website for updating us concerning this area of your endeavors.
Machaelle's Answer: What other Machaelle?! Perhaps re-reading Dancing would help you to understand this. I post information about my work when it's ready for me to post. Other than that, I don't talk about it. (MSW scowl x 2)

Caz's Question: Hiya Machaelle, I would appreciate it if you would consider giving some thought to doing a dvd on flower essences part 2 - to include all section 8. I know you don't have enough hours in the day to do all that you do do...I think a visual aid is soooooo helpful especially when you have know one to practice on but yourself
Machaelle's Answer: As soon as I get a free moment, I'll take this one under consideration. I understand what you're saying. I developed all of the processes in chapter 8 having no one to practice on except myself, so remember you're not at a disadvantage. In the meantime, if you have any trouble, take advantage of the folks on the Question Line. They're there to help you!

Mercy Anderson's Question: Deer eat my flowers. I let the bunnies eat up all my parsley, but I get really ticked off because the deer strip my roses of leaves and buds! I've talked with my garden deva and I try to be understanding, but I'm afraid that if I try to connect with the deer deva, it'll be hard to suppress my frustration. Short of having a venison barbecue, what do you recommend?
Machaelle's Answer: You need to re-read how you worded this question. I think it's your lack of clarity about the intent of your garden ddp that's causing the trouble. The deer are reflecting back to you this unclarity. So don't be frustrated with them, be frustrated with yourself. And don't be afraid to work with the Deva of Deer to put into place what you need to accomplish the goals of your garden ddp. And if you're a blood-type O, venison barbecue will serve you well.

Catherine in Ireland's Question: I also find it's not always obvious where a boundary is. E.g., in my house, is the "lowest point" the bottom of the foundation? Does it go down to the bottom of the well that's in the patio area? Does the house's boundary include the patio areas around some parts of the house?
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Catherine, my Queen of the Meticulous Questions, stop asking these questions when you set-up the process. Just tell the coning that you want to set up appropriately for the process and let nature determine where your boundaries are. It's okay for you to stay out of it.

Catherine in Ireland's Question: in one's definition of a vegetable garden, asking to exclude squirrels & voles--how is that different from asking that any particular nuisance animal or plant be excluded? Wouldn't a strong, balanced vegetable garden have the right balance, w/o choosing certain things to be excluded?
Machaelle's Answer: If you understand your definition of a vegetable garden, it most likely doesn't include cows, horses, moose and whales. That's not because they're a "nuisance." It is because they are not appropriate elements for a vegetable garden. This notion can be extended to squirrels and voles. A strong and balanced garden on its own, may include a fence because that's what's needed to eliminate the cows, horses, etc. In the same vein, one may need to do something special to exclude squirrels and voles. In short, since humans supply the definition of a vegetable garden, it all rests on the human definition of a vegetable garden.

Mercy Anderson's Question: When you energy cleanse an apartment, and there are other people living upstairs, do you keep moving the sheet up through all the units above your apartment? Do you send it out a window so as not to interfere with others? Thanks muchly.
Machaelle's Answer: If you're uncomfortable with visualizing the bundle in the space above you, just visually move the bundle to the outside of the building and then complete the process.

Diana Hart's Question: Okay...are you winning at solitaire? Waiting......:)
Machaelle's Answer: Yeah, I'm pretty damn good at Solitaire. :)

Vickie P's Question: Have been considering using the organizing process on an issue, but seem to have a block. The process seems to have many time requirements, specifically, having to complete options within 24 hrs. of each other. What if time does not permit completing the options within 24 hrs. of each other or proceeding to the next step within 72 hrs. of completing the previous step?
Machaelle's Answer: For you, I would suggest that you simplify the Organizing Process. Test your issue for just the one next thing you need to do. When you've completed it, test for the next thing. You've got 72 hours to test for the next thing (that's the critical timing in this). You're slowing down the process, but it's a way of making it workable for you. If what I'm saying here doesn't make sense to you, call the Question Line and have them clarify it for you.

Linda Morse's Follow-Up Question: Thank you Machaelle. First, I realize my ddp for the garden doesn't state excluding feeding the squirrel and vole population; maybe that's the problem. I understood from Workbook II that we want to be inclusive of all life. What I'm taking from your answer is that's its okay to exclude them from my ddp, but not necessarily from the garden environment. (I am happy to exclude them from eating the garden&.I don't find them overly cute or sweet; tenacious&YES!). Can I change the ddp at this point in the garden given its almost time to close down for the season? Or would you recommend another Troubleshooting?
Machaelle's Answer: You've got to remember that humans are responsible for defining, directing and giving purpose for a project or garden. You have free will in this. It's up to you to go through the process of understanding what's appropriate to setup in a ddp. Nature's going to act on what you set up. The garden is inclusive, according to appropriateness for what you have defined, directed and given purpose to. Consequently, you won't find many whales drawn to a garden growing in Kansas.
Once you set your ddp, the inclusiveness means whatever is appropriate, in balance, for that ddp.
I'd stay with troubleshooting now, since it is so late in the season, and then decide over the winter if you really do want to change your definition of the garden.
Understanding how to put together a ddp that enhances an environment and is not harmful to an environment is one of our great lessons.

Shirley's Question: Machaelle, in general, are the essences, ETS Plus, and MBP solutions all we need to stock in our medicine cupboard? Can they replace supplements, vitamins, homeopathic constitutionals, and the like?
Machaelle's Answer: In my medicine cabinet I have essences, ETS Plus and MBP Solutions plus natural vitamins and minerals. And that's it. But, I work with the essence processes, MAP and the Microbial Balancing Program whenever needed. So, it's not just having these things in your medicine cabinet, it's how you use them.

Rose's Question: My sister wants to sell her house. We live in opposite corners of the country so, by telephone, we created a soil-less garden for this. At this point doing it through me is as close as she will get to the Perleandra processes. We made a DDP and i tested for order, organiz,. life vit, and used the ETS for soil-less drops. Each time more drops are required do I need to have her on the phone or can I just do it for her since she originally gave permission? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: I have problems with how you've set this thing up. How about calling the Question Hot Line this Wednesday for ideas on how to set this up better?

Catherine in Ireland's Question: BTW very helpful previous workshop suggestion w. multiple companies to include the diff. devas. We have overall coning for our Business & Finance and now also include the Deva of the specific business depending on what we're doing. There are many areas that relate to all of them (e.g. shared ICT infrastructure, or training that relates to all of them). Any more suggestions re: complex structures?
Machaelle's Answer: What I said before is the best way to go with complex structures.

Catherine in Ireland's Question: To administer ETS+ for Animals to our poultry, is that one dose in a spoon & NS shift (work with Pan) to all our chickens at once? Then repeat for the geese, and again for the ducks? Or do all fowl together? Then, follow with separate "extra" NS dose if a specific animal is having problems? (And same thing for our sheep? And goats?)
Machaelle's Answer: Catherine, you've been a customer with us for so long, there's moss growing off your ears! As you typed this, didn't you hear me yelling at you, "What the hell are you asking me for? Ask nature!" And if not, you need to get your hearing checked.

Sarah Woodard's Question: I work as a psychologist with young children who are often in the process of being adopted (and their parents old and new) and we will definitely both consider adoption. thank you
Machaelle's Answer: Good for you! I'm sure there are a ton of children that would love to call you mom. So I applaud you!

MaryAnne's Question: One more submission. I have thought about moving. Aside from the fact that I don't want to and this is NYC and not an easy task without lots of good credit and money, I would be leaving the bedbugs to a situation that would be unbearable to me after all this work. On my strong days I am committed to the end. It is only when I lose trust that I want to give up. I have such a deep love for my new found relationship with nature and am so grateful that two years ago I was given Behaving. Two years later I started this work and it has changed my life. If a plant or flower had beckoned me I would not have been disciplined enough to stick through all the painful lessons it has taught me. It had to be something as tenacious as the bedbug and so I say thank you bedbug and thank you so much Machaelle and Perelandra.
Machaelle's Answer: Atta girl! If you need your spirits lifted, just keep calling that Question Line of ours. Maybe the way to go is to make house-pets out of the bed bugs? Just a thought!
And a quick story — When my cabin was first built, the builders enclosed a huge wasp nest between the walls. Every winter for about 8 years, a number of the wasps would join me in the cabin. They liked the sunlight and the warmth. So, I just made them house pets. I fed them drops of jam, I gave them little bowls of water, and we got along just fine. I never got stung. And eventually, they just worked their way out. Actually, I kinda missed them after that.

Catherine in Ireland's NEXT Question: For our poultry, would I also ask to exclude certain predators from a defined poultry area? Or, rather, keep working with the poultry and find out from them how to keep them strong, balanced and safe? (And would this be done in relation to all our property? Or just the areas the poultry use?)
Machaelle's Answer: Catherine are you kidding me? Are you handing out boxing gloves to your poultry so they can fend off their predators? You need to ask nature these questions. I can't answer them for you.

Eamonn's Question: I'm an astronomer and I've been hindered by a lot of cloudy weather. Our observatory location is on our property and there's a lot of permanent equipment. I work with nature intelligence but I'm not clear how to obtain enough clear skies at night-time for my Ph.D research. What do you suggest?
Machaelle's Answer: Change your PhD research to the study of cloudy evenings. We've messed up the environment so badly around the planet that at this point, even nature can't predict weather patterns accurately. Short of putting your equipment on the back of a bus, or changing your PhD research topic, I'm afraid I can't help you here.
Except for this idea: Hopefully, you've got a coning set up for this. If you do, open the coning and tell them your schedule at least 48-hours ahead of time. They might be able to help you out. But understand, you may be causing a drought. Take that into consideration.

Kellan Christopher's Question: Hi Machaelle! Happy to pull you away from Solitaire! I'm wanting to understand the idea of taking FSBS and FSBS+ , at least in terms of Law of Attraction. (i.e. Anything you focus on is activated and/or expands.) I love the other MBP Solutions, and they are all intentionally about strengthening the body systems. Can you assist me to view the FSBS in a similar way that is not activating the energies of various flus?
Machaelle's Answer: When you take the Urinary Solution, it doesn't mean you're calling bladder infection to you. When you take FSBS and FSBS+, they are both strengthening Solutions and build your body should you be exposed. You are no more calling flu or a pandemic to you than you would be calling a bladder infection to you.

Helka's Question: Hi Machaelle, I'd appreciate getting your advice as to which MB solutions would be good for my sister, who has the ALS disease. She has lost most of her mobility in three years. She is open to taking MB solutions. Thank you! Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Because of the nature of ALS, she's going to need Immune and Lymphatic, Endocrine, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory and Urinary. Preferably twice daily.

Rose's Question: what happened to the joke contests. The jokes were really funny!!!
Machaelle's Answer: We thought they were funny, too. But we stopped receiving submissions.

Haumea's Question: Aloha Machaelle... When I started doing the MBP several years ago, I had a surprise new addition to my kit. I was told to relay it to you, but I never completed writing the letter to you (sorry!). There was such celebration when it came was...Oxygen!!! Have you done any research including Oxygen yet? I started using the MAP process 14 years ago after a severe pesticide poisoning. I since went on to learn and use the other processes. I gotta say, your research, books, processes and products really rock! Mahalo nui!!! Thanx much!!!!
Machaelle's Answer: The MBP kit ingredients hold as they were originally developed. Apparently, your microbes needed you to breathe. Glad to hear you accommodated them. It really gets clunky when your microbes have to move around with those little oxygen tanks on their backs.
And I am glad that MAP and the other processes are serving you so well.

Tanuja's Question: Would you please let me know what of your products would be helpful for my mildly autistic son who is 11years old? Would MAP be helpful to him? Thank you for your answer.
Machaelle's Answer: Because of the nature of autism, I would recommend, on a twice daily basis, MBP Solutions for Immune and Lymphatic, Cell, Endocrine, Nervous and Respiratory. Also include a dose of ETS Plus any time he becomes especially stressed out. And definitely MAP would be helpful.

Shirley's Question: How do you use the ETS Plus for insomnia?
Machaelle's Answer: Take a dose of ETS Plus each night before going to sleep. It is eliminating the accumulated stress that contributes to insomnia.

Tom's Question: In asking the pedulum, I received information that the Spanish were harsh to the Indians in this particular spot of New Mexico. Do I need to do the Geopathic Zone Balancing, which the coning called for, just to clear the energy of our apartment?
Machaelle's Answer: If the coning called for it, go for it!

Dorrie Sanders's Question: :I have used the Post-Death Flower Essence Process now three times with family members.Each time toward the end of the 72 hour time period. The third time was very different. The opening was so immediate and powerful that I was startled.The energy was so strong that I was being lifted forward. It was such a beautiful feeling that I didn't want it to go away. Please Machaelle can you explain what was happening. Thank you for this experience with someone who was very dear to me.
Machaelle's Answer: That's the reason why it happened. It was an experience with someone who is very dear to you and you were open for this. The way the Post-Death Flower Essences Process is set up, you are always perfectly fine. You can relax with those things.

Susan Chruszcz's Question: :I triage my daily docket of Perelandra Processes, in effort to manage the complexity of my syndrome complex - CFS, FM, Asthma, Chem Sensitivity, Vertigo, Ear infection. When something acute comes up, eg an asthma attack, All bets are off in pursuit of a breath of air, and the regular scheduled work gets left. Then, I cycle through a round of each syndrom flaring up, severely. Any suggestions on how to better manage this mess? I'm also trying to have a wee bit of a life in between major illness attacks. Thanks for all you've done !
Machaelle's Answer: Susan, didn't this situation crop up about 10 years ago? Think about what you did to pull out of it then. But the one thing you may not be doing when all else falls apart and you're in a mess — take an ETS Plus bath nightly (1/4 cup ETS Plus in full bath, soak for 20 minutes, do not add any other bath ingredients such as bubble baths, salts, oils, etc.). Test for how many nights you are to do this. That really might help balance you and start moving you out. But don't give up the other processes you need to help in this, too. The ETS Plus bath just may make it simpler for you.

Catherine in Ireland's Question: Aha! I needed a fence to keep out the whales! Now my problems are solved for sure! I knew I was forgetting something!
Machaelle's Answer: Atta girl!

Barbara Simpson's Question: Thank you I have been working with your processes for many years. I am rereading Co Creative Science as I feel that I need to have a deeper understanding on this foundation. It is helpful for my clearer thinking when I talk with my 'science' friends. Thank you for this book - I forgot about it
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Barbara! Thanks for the kind words about this book. Glad to hear from you.

Lee's Question: having gotten excited about the sept 15 forum, then 30 min. later realizing i'll not be in reach of a computer that day, i'm hoping there will be more. Is the MB stuff sufficient for soil-less garden work, or does one need the flower ess, etc too ? And, how important is the balancing/testing ? I've only tried this once, i knew the coning was at an end when I left them to do some work and got seranaded with a selection from a broadway musical. But I didnt go thru all the test-this / test-that steps. scowl if you like.
Machaelle's Answer: Like today's forum, the Soil-less Garden Forum will be available to review online long after the forum has ended. Once you've reviewed the information, call the Question Line if you have any other questions.
I am scowling. But it's not because of your questions. I appreciate it when people can find the CAP key on their keyboard and use it consistently. It makes understanding what people write easier.

Colin Johnson's Question: I was wondering if you could compare the way homeopathic vs flower esscence remedies work, and/or how nature see's them function. Additionally, perhaps why nature chose to do flower essences rather than the other.
Machaelle's Answer: Flower essences balance, stabilize and repair the body's electrical system. I don't know how homeopathic remedies work because I don't work with them in my research. I don't know why nature chose to do flower essences. Nature works in mysterious ways!

K's Question: Hello Machaelle - Since I have several 'systems' out of balance at the same time, can I take different of the MBP's together or would you advise taking one for awhile - say the endocrine for awhile to get the body used to it and then moving on to the next MBP. A thank you to you and all the staff that provide such loving service to our planet.
Machaelle's Answer: I only recommend that you gradually introduce the MBP Solutions when you are first beginning to use them in order to get the body use to them. That usually takes about one to two months if you're working towards taking all the Solutions. After that, just take each of the Solutions that you need each day.

Judith's Question: A big, old douglas fir in our back yard has to come down. It's dying quickly, probably from beetles. It's been a giant in our back yard. What can we do to help with the transition and to restore order and peace to that corner of the back yard? There are many plants located nearby.
Machaelle's Answer: There's a process for working with nature to remove trees in the Garden Workbook, chapter 4, pages 56-57. Just follow those steps and you and your yard will be fine.

It's over folks. We've answered all the questions you submitted. Another fine forum rides into the sunset. We are keeping the forum and photo gallery that they've been loading all afternoon especially for this open house up for a few days. Also — and this is the nifty surprise we came up with at the last minute — because it's the last Virtual Open House of the season, we're celebrating by extending the Shipping Special through to 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 3. It's been fun and thanks for your questions. See all you soil-less gardeners on September 15.

Best wishes,